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Thread: Festivals 2010

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    Cool Festivals 2010

    So its that time of year again, the dark of winter, the arctic winds blowing outside, chestnuts roasting on an open fire and all that jazz.
    I find my mind wandering to the summer (lovely warm summer), and more specifically FESTIVALS! The greatness of the festival season is only six months away and tickets are starting to go on sale now. Mud, beer, and sunburn is coming, good music, fun times, and the worst day back at work ever will soon be here .

    Is anyone here going to a festival next year? If so which ones and where?

    I've already got tickets for Global Gathering taking place in Stratford on the 30th and 31 of July, got my dancing wellies preped, should be mental.
    Also debating on weather or not to shell out for Reading tickets, they're so expensive now, and laying down that kinda cash on an unknown lineup seems a bit silly at this point. On the other hand, I live in Reading, so no need to sleep in a tent, and I can get a shower a day . I might wait till the the line up is announced and hope they don't sell out. Can always get a day ticket :X.

    So what about you lot?

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    Unfortunately I'm entering the 'real' world this summer I would LOVE to go to Bonnaroo, but I don't see it happening financially.

    I went to Rothbury 2008, and was by FAR the best weekend of my life. Hopefully over the next year or two i can save up enough "vacation time" to drive/fly to TN for 'roo.

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    I'll be attending rock am ring next year as well as rock werchter... rammstein yeeeahhh!!

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    Sonisphere in Knebworth.


    I went this year, and if next year is even close to that, it will be AMAZING!!!

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    Sonisphere has got some good bands in its line up, never heard of the festival till a few weeks ago (an ab friend is going :X). Maiden and Rammstein will be well good. Shame its on the same weekend as Global through.... I just love my dance music too much :P.
    Always wanted to goto some of the European festivals, they look pretty mad
    And one day I'll go to burning man :X even if they're starting to have more and more rules.

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    Burning man looks epic, as ever, but the funds do not suffice (again, as ever). I'm currently saving up for Rockness tickets, and am hoping to manage to save enough to go to either T (in the park) or Reading as well, but if I get a job over the summer I'll probably not be able to get enough time off to go to anymore than Rockness. We'll see.

    I live incredibly close to T in the Park, so I'll see if I can get cheap tickets from one of the people who gets them free (anyone who lives within 1 mile of the site).

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    Hopefully going to Sonisphere next year, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Anthrax and Slayer. It is going to be mental and I can't wait.

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