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Thread: disgaea DL?

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    Default disgaea DL?

    alright.. sooo
    i was playing disgaea DS the other day..
    and the main character (Laharl) who is a demon prince had this talk with one of his vassals...

    all im saying is that he didnt deny it XD
    plus there was a whole chapter in the begining of the game where another vassel took a "embaressing picture of him" and is threatining to show it to pepole XD

    on a side note its a fawsome series and ive been obsessed with it for the past few days ^^

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    XD well it was just this one part of the game
    its actually an awsome game though

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    I believe it the screens depict a cool looking rpg im an FF kinda guy 8 being the best of course XD

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    well... the embarrasing photo was him infront of a chalkboard with Vulcanus's name redone "C Anus Luv" :P

    And btw, best line in the game...

    And a horse weiner!

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    it was??
    when do you find that out?
    -it actually just occured to me that you where probably joking >.<-
    have you beaten the game yet?
    are you jelous that i have a dragon XD?
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    say, i forget where i heard it, i think it was in an LP :P

    And not at all.

    Are you jealous i wasted my life getting a prinny to Level 99 before they <spoiler>?

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    you got a prinny to level 99???
    jeeze XD
    and it can still be killed from throwing it!

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    Shh.... prinnies are amazing... dood.

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