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    Smile Paci trends

    Not sure if this is just Wales or UK but the pacifier tests are flatter rather than the bulbous shape that I used to know. If you have noticed this, do you prefer the new type or what I would call the trad type?

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    Yeah, this is normal and pretty universal. You can still get the old style bulbous shape ones though, if you know where to look. Here's a run down of what types there are:

    Anatomical shape: Teat is a rounded wedge-like shape, simulating the shape of a nipple in the mouth of a baby, thus making it a more natural and less intrusive shape for 'oral development', that is, teeth and shape of mouth. The teat can be compressed, and air will escape from it. NUK are this shape, as are some 'Closer to Nature' Tommee Tippee ones and others.

    Orthodontic Shape: Teat is flat. Again, the teat can be compressed, air escapes and the teat regains shape when pressure is released. The flat shape is made to be less in the way of natural oral development and growth. Many dummies are this shape. Most Avent, MAM, store brands etc, and some Tommee Tippee ones are that type.

    'Cherry' Shape: Teat is bulbous but usually still can be compressed, and will go flat and return to its shape as it's released. Tommee Tippee make a 'cherry' dummy. That's what it's actually called on the packet, it's not flavoured though, just cherry shaped!

    Old-Style 'cherry' shape: Occasionally, there are still old-style air-tight dummies to be found, that will not collapse under compression. Because these are not following latest trends in infant development, they are not sold by leading brands, or at least none that I know of. But, I have bought this style before. In 'SuperDrug' or 'Savers' I bought a three-pack of multi-coloured dummies, that were cheaper and had old-style bubous teats.

    This traditional type were less good for babies according to experts, because they eroded teeth (from friction), pushed the growth of teeth outwards around the teat, and somehow didn't support the growth of a healthy inside mouth shape. Dummies became less popular amongst parents and business took a dive, so any design innovations that bring health benefits to dummy use are now marketed strongly. That is probably why the old-style ones are harder to find these days and tend to be found in the lower end of the market. Pound stores and cheapo shops might be more likely to stock them these days.

    Personally, I prefer the collapsible teat type, in either shape, because the bulbous air-tight ones mean I can't entirely close my mouth enough to be comfortable, and it's not relaxing at all. I wasn't given a dummy as a baby/child so I don't have the same fond memories that others might have of the traditional style.
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    Smile What do you prefer?

    Thanks Elli. Interested to know if there's a trend with the TB's preferring the flatter modern type paci's. Or even if older *B's/DL's have any preferences?

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