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Thread: Are gifts over rated?

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    Default Are gifts over rated?

    I think they are. People expect gifts from others, people feel obligated to do it, people blow out their budgets or go into debt.

    Screw this I am skipping it. I don't like the hassle of having to make decisions and feeling stressed about it. My parents are okay with what I am doing and my husband did the shopping instead.

    What I think is people who Christmas shop and then expect gifts from others are just greedy people and that was the only reason why they do it, so they can get gifts. Geez is that all they ever care about? Why not do it because they want to, not so they can get gifts. If they don't have the money, don't do it, their families should understand. If not, their problem. People shouldn't feel guilty for not doing it. But no, they'd rather blow out their budgets and then they can't pay their rent or bills because they just had to spend it on presents. :Rolls eyes:

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    Its the flu shot ... its a conspiracy to get people into a shopping frenzy !!! **wild eyes**

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    Can't say that I've ever felt an obligation to blow my budget or go into debt. I would be just as happy to give all of Christmas a miss, but a few family members cling to it and it's as good an opportunity as any to give them some gifts, but I keep it pretty low-key and they do likewise.

    I will admit to some stress about it, but it's because I would prefer to find a gift that they will enjoy and will have some kind of meaning between me and the person I give it to. It needn't be something deeply spiritual (it's wonderful when I luck out and hit on the perfect thing, though), just something that indicates that I know them enough to give them something they would enjoy. The stress is in anticipating what that item is. We all have so much and it's not always easy to find the thing that just seems right. I wind up spending much more background processing effort than money. Sometimes it's successful, sometimes not as much, but I'm happy enough to give it my best shot.

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    I understand where you're coming from Calico. If I had to be responsible for buying the Christmas gifts for my family, I would go crazy!!! But....fortunately my wife does this. She insists that everyone gives her their wish lists by Thanksgiving. We usually all get together for Thanksgiving, something I really enjoy.

    Anyway, then she goes "On Line" and starts ordering. Our oldest son and I have our birthdays one day apart in December. This year he wanted this hunting jacket with matching (well..camouflage) overalls. When he got it, he was truly excited. He and his wife got me a turntable that converts records into CD's through the computer. I was just as excited.

    I think that as a group of people on adisc, we all are a little nostalgic, wanting to go back to our much younger days. Part of that experience probably includes Christmas, getting all these marvelous gifts under the Christmas tree. There must still be a part of that little kid still inside each one of us. Try to bring that feeling as you look for gifts for those you love.

    To give an example of Christmas for me, I just told my wife this story two days ago. As some of you know, those who have been here long enough to be either entertained by my crazy past, or (alas...bored), when I was in 6th grade, we moved, and I made this really good friend. We did everything together. He turned me on to cars. He liked making model cars, and I followed suit. We used to ride our bikes to the junk yard and steal hood ornaments and other parts from old historic cars. Sigh...we were bad.

    Anyway, after a year and a half, my parents went bankrupt and we had to move. My friend and I swore we would write to each other for ever. That lasted through one letter. When my parents moved, I had a psychotic break and lost a whole week of awareness. Time passed and I adjusted. One thing Jeff had made was "The Visible V-8" I loved the model and he did a great job building it. It was complicated. I asked my mom for the model for Christmas. It reminded me of him. She of course got it for me. My dad helped me build it the next few days. One night, I got up around 3 in the morning. I was thinking about Jeff. I went down to the living room, turned on the tree lights, and pushed the on button to my Visible V-8....and cried. My mom came down to investigate. She knew what it was all about, and so she comforted me, and then sent me back to bed.

    Christmas is many things to many people, but for me, it is so closely tied to all the Christmas pasts in my life. Some are full of joy, and some full of pain, but they all have special meaning. I wouldn't change any of them. Gifts are what you make of them. But I will always remember the Visible V-8 and my friend Jeff.

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    I LOVE giving gifts to my friends and family, and I don't expect anything in return.

    In my family, Christmas isn't a HUGE deal, nor do we blow budgets or go into debt because of it. Usually I'll make scarves or hats for my friends and get my parents and brother things that I know they'll use.

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    I'm going to invent my own holiday. It'll be called 'Eat Lots of Turkey and Spend Time With Your Family' Day.

    The name is a bit of a mouthful, but I think it gets the point across.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm not a big-time gift giver. Nor am I interested in being a big rime gift receiver. I don't celebrate Christmas.

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    I really LOVE giving gifts to people. Nothing to pricey, but I like seeing people's eyes light up when you know you picked out something good.

    As far as receiving, really not my thing. For whatever reason, I've always felt guilty when getting gifts. Sometimes I feel like I just didn't deserve them. Part of this could be because I don't really *need* anything. Xmas this year at my house is probably going to be pretty small, which is fine by me.

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    Gosh am I the only person who loves getting gifts? Mind you, I'm pretty materialistic, sue me. As for giving, I've never been in debt because of it, and I don't have a budget so I have fun going crazy around Christmas time and birthdays and such. I generally give because I want to, and I love watching someones face light up and such. There are a few people that I don't particularily care for that I am around a lot, so I will buy for those people even though I don't want to. a) because if they get me something I need to get them something in return, and b) if they don't get me anything, I like watching how awkward they are when they have nothing in return.

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    I've known anybody to give gifts just to get something back, nor have I ever known anybody who's gone into debt or really stressed out over gift giving.
    I do not know this twisted world of which you speak!

    I love giving presents! I love going shopping and finding something that would be perfect for somebody. I'm going shopping this Friday for gifts in fact, can't wait!

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