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Thread: Favourite Cartoons

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    Default Favourite Cartoons

    So I'm interested in what kind of cartoons people watch, especially of the *BDL community, I also thought I'd post because I'm bored, and had the idea because I'm getting a friend to make me art of my Gaia Online avatar and favourite cartoon show main character.

    Me myself love all kinds of cartoons, mostly created for a younger audience, but older then toddlers, I'm not really into Spot the Dog or the Tweenies (Not a cartoon but still a valid statement)

    I of course also like a lot of cartoons for older people, anime is an obvious suggestion, but mostly, I love cartoons that I used to watch growing up, and those who give off the same aura. Thinking about it, not all anime is for adults, Pokemon, which I've been watching from the beginning recently is one of my cartoon loves.

    My favourite cartoon is Ben 10, then there are the kids comedies like Cow and Chicken, Dexters Lab, you know, Hannah Barbara. I also like Tom and Jerry, okay lets pretty much say I love all manner of cartoons, I, like music and games will watch/listen at least once and will genrelly like it.

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    I gotta say, I really don't like Ben 10. Maby I have to watch it from start to finish, but the few episodes I've seen irritate me.

    Now Tom and Jerry on the other hand is my all time favorite. It gets me laughing every time I watch it, even the ones I've seen so many times I've memorized it.

    My favorite little kid cartoon is Sid the science kid. That show is so much fun to watch even though I know all of it already.

    My favorite anime is gurren lagann. Just finnished the whole series a little while ago and I'm still freaking out about the amazing ending. Also at one point there is the coolest furry character ever! He only shows up for a little bit, but he looked so cool!

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    Where to begin ... i Love all Hannah Barbara ALL of it especially looney tunes and tom and jerry, plus other classics like Pink Panther, popeye, Ninja turtles, Winnie the pooh , Arthur and alota klasky csupo like rugrats and simpsons and ren and stimpy of course... Rokos modern life... thornberries, fairly odd parents, all grown up, family guy(sometimes), boondocks, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, ANIMANIACS !!!! PINKY AND THE BRAIN !!! FREAKAZOID!! lol ... DOUG !!, umm alot of adult swim excluding Tim and eric and other like crap that sucks like it, umm TONS of anime top of the list being Kenshin, Full metal alchy, Gundam Wing, Deathnote, Ranma 1/2, Tenjou tenge, initial D, dragon ball z ..too many to list there, cant forget south park of course and while we are there VENTURE BROTHERS and Spider man from FOx 5 mid 90s with the awesome CG.. BEST spiderman cartoon ever!!! omfg.. avatar, Aqua teen hunger force, robot chicken, ummm omg i love cartoons ... Bevis and butt head , Daria , Recess , Does beast wars count ? i know transformers does... um i HATE scooby do though =P

    Sorry to any cartoons i love and forgot =(

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    @Link: That's okay, can't all like the same thing ^_^

    @Tushy: That is a great list, I love almost everything there, though I like Scooby Doo too XD

    I missed out on saying the Mario Bros shows were all good, but with me it doesn't need saying, I know I love them XD

    Nice to see people loving cartoons =D

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    OMG i forgot Futurama !!! how could i ... FORGIVE me professor Fonsworth.

    oh and Chowder love that lil guy

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    Simpsons, Futurama and Family Guy, gotta love the more adult/teenage cartoons ^_^

    Not so much South Park, I like it, it makes me laugh, but kinda scares me a little. o.o

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    Anime stuff mostly, but the ocasional Warner Bros. always get's a giggle out of me.

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    Looney Toons, Tom and Jerry, Ducktales, The Adventures of Tintin... and that's all that I can remember from my childhood.

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    hmmm, I like the simpsons, futurama, family guy..... ok my ultra fave cartoon that i watch all the time is.... Spongebob. =p

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