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    Hi everyone,

    I'm kokoro1972, male, 37 years old and I'm living in Belgium. I'm a diaper lover.

    It all started when I was 7 years old. My 4-year-old cousin (a girl) was staying over at my house and when it was bedtime, she was diapered by my mom in my bedroom and on my bed! I had to wait outside, because my cousin could be embarassed when I would be allowed in to watch. So, being a child, I was jealous of her and I secretely wished it was me being diapered. Since then, I was very curious about children wetting their beds and wearing diapers. It must have been my trigger event. Since age 7, I was always trying to get views of kids in diapers.

    Later on, at around 12-14 years of age, the wish to wear diapers became bigger and bigger... On several occasions, though, I had the chance to wear one (when my parents were at work for instance). The times I was not able to wear diapers, I was like depressed. I never dared to ask my parents to wear diapers again. So, it was only when I got my own appartment that I was able to wear them every day.

    Now I wear them every night and mostly only at night, though it occasionaly happens that I wear one during the day.

    So, that was it. Hope you enjoyed my story.

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    Hello, Kokoro1972.
    Yours seems quite the typical story; Saw a younger sibling and was jealous. Heh.
    Well, I hope you enjoy your time here at ADISC. Why not get involved in the IRC too? It could always do with more members participating in it

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    Welcome welcome kokoro1972, many people here feel and started alike with diapers so your with the in crowd now haha, happy hunting =}

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    Welcome. Nice to see someone from Belgium

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy this site and its supportive community! Peace and Love

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