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    All you guys out there who use diapers for a sexual fetish, how do you pee with a boner? My girlfriend and I have tried this and it usually ends up with me in the bathroom, reading bottles of shampoo to kill my boner. >_>

    Any effective tips? It's still a very new experience as well as long awaited so it's extremely hard (lawl) not to be.. hard.

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    Try having you pee-wee pointing straight down between your legs so it doesn't have as much of a chance to get fully erect. that helps a little but its more or less a mental thing and if your extremely turned on at the moment your going to have to wait till your less excited to relieve your self unfortunately, unless you want to bust a blood vessel in your eye trying to "push" pee out through a kinked hose.

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    You don't. You penis is built so that it's impossible or very hard to pee with an erection. You need to wait for it to go down.

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    I think about video game strategies to kill my boner. It's a bit more fun to think about than shampoo bottles too.

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    Yeah, you don't...

    You wait, and the more you get used to diapers, the easier it'll get to avoid getting a boner until you've peed.

    Control your body! :tongue:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mesmerale View Post
    Yeah, you don't...

    You wait, and the more you get used to diapers, the easier it'll get to avoid getting a boner until you've peed.

    Control your body! :tongue:
    Exactly! Given time, and patience, you should learn how to control your urges, and it should become more natural. It might not even be an erection; simply years of potty training hard wired into your brain. Try sitting on the toilet, etc. That really helped me at first.

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    It's easy, just thinkabout how you need to pee, and go.

    Now when you're trying to use the toilet, that's one thing.

    Urination with an erection is possible, as I used to always get a hard one when first putting on my diaper. I would try and wait, or 'work it out' but I wanted to have a wet diaper before that.

    Best thing to do is stand up and just go, don't really try, but think about wetting your diaper. once that happens you'll probably still be erect, but you'll also have a wet diaper

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    Reading bottles of shampoo...that made me smile.
    I'm sure we all have very creative ways to deal with this issue (all having gone through middle school...), but reading bottles of shampoo has got to be the best. So funny.

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    I can, actually Ive peed while masturbating... ,but yeah its extremely hard for some.

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    It just takes a lot of time getting used to. One thing you can try is don't put the diaper on until you really really really need to pee badly...the excitement of being diapered will get you hard, but you'll still need to pee so bad that you're just going to have to relax and go.

    Good Luck.


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