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Thread: Trapped in a nappy

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    Default Trapped in a nappy

    Okay so here i am minding my own business changing my self and getting ready to go to the store on saturday when my friend gave me a ring in the afternoon >" hey do you want to meet up and check out this new pizza place by us ? (we love pizza and are constantly on a mission to finds the best slice). well i hadn't planned on doing much for the rest of the day except hanging around ADISC so i agreed.

    Well we met up and had some great food but right after we are finished he gets a call from his friends cousin saying that he just got back from the military for holidays and we should come by and hang out with everyone maybe do the xbox or ps3 thing i agreed to join, not really remembering i was wearing a nappy.

    Well long story short i didn't get a ride home last night and had to sleep over (over 45 mins by car from where i live). Good news is i didn't have any leaks or anything crazy like that... in fact i don't think anyone knew at all which was really cool cause i also had plastic pants over them. i didn't get home till today though where i immediately jumped in the shower, But still i did have to spend over 24 hours in the same pair of diapers =( .....NOT to mention i didn't have a second to my self to try and take them off and relieve my self at a potty so i pretty much had to gauge how much i had to go and periodically release small amounts to keep from having to "really go" .. by the time i got home the nappy was so totally over being a diaper it wasn't even funny(we were having some beers which i had to be careful with).

    I almost got a rash and i do not recommend this at all but i have to admit that even though it took a random series of events to transpire i really enjoyed being around friends and loved ones while being completely hugged and kept secure by my nappy.

    Has anyone else ever been trapped unwillingly in a nappy by any sort of circumstance... if so i'd like to hear about it.
    (try not to be to gross though please =\)

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    TMI guys ? srry if so...

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    Well it's not like you couldn't have gone to a bathroom somewhere and taken it off, like at the pizza place?

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    i actually couldn't because i didn't have any underwear on me (its very cold where im at too so going commando is not an option) and i was expecting to come back home after pizza. plus you have to realize i wasn't fully aware of my predicament till we started cracking bottles at my friends house ... and from that point i had no idea where i could possibly take a diaper off And get rid of it with out anyone finding it you know... i mean what was i going to do with the diaper... i just left it on.

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    I wouldn't have left my home like that in the first place. = / Just personal preference

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    ahh but i like wearing diapers in public... i mean i don't want anyone who knows me to know but if someone random figured it out i don't think id care i might find that acceptable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SquishyTushy View Post
    ahh but i like wearing diapers in public... i mean i don't want anyone who knows me to know but if someone random figured it out i don't think id care i might find that acceptable.
    You know, situations like these are EXACTLY what discretion helps to avoid. If you were exposed, you'd have deserved it. Consider yourself lucky.

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    The difference between underwear and no underwear is very minuscule.

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    i know i know ... but i've gotten kinda desensitized to the whole horror of being found out thing from wearing out doors for so long... i mean it always hits me for a minute or two when im sitting there surrounded and its like crap... what did she say .... do they know. but then i just relax and clear my head, i mean whatever happens happens you know.

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    Well i didn't mean for you to take the threads tittle verbatim, but i pretty much was stuck with close to no options i mean i was trapped in them and hoping that i was going to be able to get back home with out anyone the wiser, the drive home was a lil rocky because i felt them getting overfilled and it was obvious i had to go but things worked out.

    oh and not wearing underwear when the wind chill is at 5 degrees F is totally noticeable.

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