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Thread: leaking diaper?

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    Default leaking diaper?

    Have you ever had your diaper leak at work or school? If so, how did you hide it?

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    a few times yes, mostly im wearing enough clothing that it catches it all, if it does leak on to the chair or such and i don't need to go anywhere, i sit in a position that allows it to air out a bit and wait till it drys.

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    I mostly wear dark color nylon pants, blue/black, if you get a leak it's not as detectable, they dry very quickly also.

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    It has only happened to me at home when I completely soak a goodnite. I would say that it would factor with the amount of layers you are wearing and if you have a pair of plastic pants on. They can reduce the effects. If it does seep out and to me this will probably never happen to me since I have never worn outside my house I would just change it or reduce it from seeping out. Tissues?

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    Yes, it's happened to me many times in the past at work, school, in public, you name it. It's usually because I overflowed the capacity of the diaper. How do I deal with it when it happens? First, hide the wetness. Easier with darker pants and/or a sweat shirt or jacket wrapped around my waist. Let the wet area dry out (seat, chair etc.). And, here comes the final part, I change into a dry diaper and dry pants.

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    Only at home, I almost never wear outside of my house. Usually the leaks are pretty small, so it's not a big deal. I just change out of them quicker.

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    I've had it happen a few times, mostly when I was younger and just had to wear diapers all the time. The best way to counteract it is just to wear dark pants and maybe a hoody or some shirt that hangs lower than your bum.

    Now that I'm older, I'd rather just wear them at home so I can really enjoy them.

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    I've had this problem, even though I don't wear in public. I'm 9/10 wearing dark skinny jeans or poofy flannel pants, so it really isn`t a problem as long as you're not wearing shorts (which I'm not fond of unless they're caprie pants). RUN to the nearest bathroom, but not to quickly, you'll draw more attention and people yelling "RUN FOREST! RUN!" Once your in, the hand-dryer will solve all you're problems.

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    I usually do the sweater tied around the waist routine. I'm very fond of sweaters and jackets so I usually have one with me especially when diapered.

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