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Thread: Your maturity bores me. Endlessly.

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    Default Your maturity bores me. Endlessly.

    Seriously. Do you guys remember elementary/high school? Those conversations were entertaining. We sit down and just talk, nonstop, about random stuff that has little to no relevance to -anything-. That was good times.

    And now that I'm in college, everywhere I turn, I see cheap small talk going on about their daily schedules, computer chips and their schedule. I mean, really. Do these people really have nothing fun in their lives, so much that they resort to these boring conversations?

    Is it the atmosphere? Someone fresh out of high school on the cusp of some new environment that I'll get used to?

    Or is adulthood really this freaking boring?

    End rant.

    ... [[ EDIT: Suuuuch the wrong forum. It's midnight. And I clicked New Topic in the forum I was looking at at the time... Apologies in advance.]]

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    I find the best discussion are about nothing as well. But I'll totally force the nothing into it. Was walking home with this dude last week, and he's always talking about the bands he likes, which is cool, I'm just not super interested, so I start going off about how messed up you have to be to have a pink house (cause we passed one). Seriously, if you have a pink house, and then you have kids, you're just screwing them over hardcore. Anyways, usually forcing the relevant out of a conversation is a good way to find some amusment in the barren dessert of talk, although when somebody else tries the same thing it goes way off. Two people being sarcastic at each doesn't work gooder. Whatever. I think the best way to deal with you not digging boring small talk would to initiate interesting conversation.

    Like, hey Akira, what colour do you associate with the number 26?

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    That new Intel chip looks fast. O dear, I'm late for my appointment.

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    I'm not sure that maturity is about having boring conversations.

    Perhaps you need to inject people with interesting conversation! The next time somebody asks you some boring small talk question, tell them they're boring and ask them something wild!

    *Moves to off topic*

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamperchu View Post
    That new Intel chip looks fast. O dear, I'm late for my appointment.
    i don;t like intel. i like AMD anthlon x2

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    Hey Akira please don't fret .... take solace in the fact that there are actually still people out there who continue their entire friendship dialogues and conversations based on that high school/elementary school level of discourse. i have a lot of friends who IRL literally just talk about all the things nonsense that lead to no end, for me sometimes it gets tedious but i can Totally see it from your end and envision a time where i would envy the way it "used to be".

    Getting mature and older is by far not all about losing your ability to have "immature conversations" your just hanging around people who are losing touch with that rapidly, and have no desire or insight to realize and maybe prevent this.

    You just need to find some friends who are constantly gabbing it up about what they like about this food or that movie or this video game or that girl or why they hate that random guy at wendy's or how easy life would be if they won this or bought that or knew how to do this or what band needs to be touring and so on and so forth. they are out there trust me seek and you shall find.. and also try steering the convo with your friends to one of these directions ... you might find out they are not as shallow as you thought

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    Maybe you just have boring friends

    I laugh with my friends and talk about silly stuff on a daily basis.

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    Akira, I reckon you're with the wrong people. I, and most people I know around my age, refuse to become boring or even have a mature conversation that lasts more than a few minutes. I'm sure there are plenty of folks like that at your college as well. Me, I make it a priority to have several hours of mindless conversations with friends each week.

    In fact, I think those who talk about computer chips and schedules and "Oh, I must be on my way to the Valley's Wine Tasting Seminar" are trying to be much more mature than they are. They're phonies. Ignore them.

    Good luck!

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    I always have interesting conversations, mostly because I make them interesting. For example, my friends were talking about a TV show. I came over. The conversation ended with my friends wondering how they would stop a life raft from sinking despite a massive hole (The solutions were the most interesting parts). If you really want interesting conversations, always find something to laugh about in any situation, even make yourself look like an idiot. Take it from the guy who's the best at interesting convos.

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    AMD is cool but I miss the old PPC chips, you could push a TON of processes through them and they kept on chugging. they were like the diesel engines of the chip world.

    Though I can't wait for the new 6 core intel chips (SICK!!)

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