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    I've been reading a ton of posts lately about people talking about where they work, but it hasn't been much of an open topic thus far. How many of you guys are employed? Where do you work? Give us the low-down on your money-spending... do you spend a lot of money on yo' fetish? I know I'm interested to finally know where some of y'all work, it at all.

    (I work at Blockbuster by the way... and I make a crappy 10dollars/hour)

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    I haven't seen ANY posts of where people work >__>...I'm unemployed...I'll probably find work for the summer though

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    I work for a university as a grad assistant. It pays enough to survive, and nothing more really. I don't spend much on diapers at the moment, since I have a hard enough time paying off my credit card every month haha.

    But, soon I will have a semi-real job. Sorry, don't want to say where, but at a major player in the computing industry (as a software engineer). Naturally the pay for this is a little nicer .

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    I work as an intake and finance specialist for a state-run Public Defender's office. I get to talk with crazies every day, hear awesome stories, go to jails, and reap badass state government benefits.

    I can't complain.

    As for my spending, I do a lot, a lot of saving. Outside of my bills, I give myself about fifty bucks a week to spend on books and maybe some other piddly little things, but other than that, I don't spend very much.

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    Right now I am working for a family friend at his shop. I do a bit of everything there, work on the cars, sort through parts, etc.. He is a pro drag racer by trade, but he runs an auto body shop as well, which I work at 3 nights a week right now. When he races, I am a part of his PIT crew, and it is my job to make sure that we have everything we need for the race. I'm the organizer/ check list guy in other words. But I like it, it's fun, and I get to hang out on the sidelines of drag strips, and see the things fans don't. I love to hear the roar of the engine, and watch the smoke and fire blaze behind the car, as it rockets down the strip at over 200mph.

    As you can tell, I am passionate about it, and enjoy it very much. Better yet, on race days where we finish top three, I get paid good, so I can afford to take some time off if I want, and do whatever. It is a good job, but I don't think I could do it as a career. It's too up and down, and very stressful at times.. What I really want to do for a living is cook, and I want to go into the Culinary arts to become a Chef. Much more relaxing, it pays very well, and the schooling isn't ridiculous either.. I am waiting until I can afford a car until I go into Culinary Art school though.. Right now, I am without one, which does suck monkeyballs.

    I, like Rance, also save more than I spend. I don't really make a plan for how much I can spend, however I don't go on shopping frenzies, and so I don't spend much because of that.

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    Me? I've never had a job. A lot of my friends have part-time employment, but I've never really seen the need to. My parents are pretty willing to give me cash when I need it, and I try to remain as frugal as I can-- for example, I didn't spend a single penny in the whole of March. :P

    I suppose things might change if/when I move on to university, but I'm only going to look for a job if absolutely necessary. If I play my cards right, *hopefully* I can get enough cash from grants, loans and family to make it through at least the first year without having to divide my time between work and study. If this means I have to adopt a somewhat austere lifestyle, then I guess that's what I gotta do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chromos View Post
    What I really want to do for a living is cook, and I want to go into the Culinary arts to become a Chef. Much more relaxing
    dude, you think being a cook would be RELAXING?!! these are obviously the words of someone who's never worked as a cook.

    i've got a bunch of different jobs right now. i work in a cafe and i work at music shows and i work with mentally disabled people and i'm cowriting a travel guide. and as of this friday i'm also in a string band, but we don't get paid.

    i think i've gotten up above $20 a month on diapers. i decided it's a stupid thing to be frugal with: they bring so much joy and contentment into my life that they're worth triple what i spend on them. i wear them whenever i have the time and privacy, which is usually at least a few times a week.
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    I work as a personal carer. I've had a few people ask what that is so I'll put it down as easy as I can. When people get older sometimes they have trouble going to the toilet and taking showers and feeding themselves. I do that for these people. I'm the one changing adult diapers during the day and then going home and wearing them myself. sometimes when I change one of my clients I smile and think of what it will be like that night when mommy does that to me.

    I guess during the day I become the carer (mommy) to all of these old people and then during the night I am the baby with my own mommy (carer) to look after me

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    I currently work for the government :o In Aviation Licensing. It's not a bad job, but it's a little monotonous - I'm considering continuing study on my parents coin~

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