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Thread: Hello Adisc :]

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    Default Hello Adisc :]

    I'm not very good at this..

    My name is Jess and I'm seventeen...

    I've known I was a tb since I was about 14. My last boyfriend wasn't very accepting of it, so for the past couple months I've been 'denying the urge', if you will. The other day I finally talked to my current boyfriend about it, and found out he enjoys it too. So I've decided to get back into it. I got my boyfriend to sign up on here, too. [ atsx666 ]

    I love animals.. I have 3 dogs, a ferret, and an iguana.. Errr..
    I don't do much.. I'm working on getting my GED.. I just moved back in with my parents [ Moving out the first time never works, apparently ]...
    I really suck at writing about myself, and I'm not really sure what else to write, so.. Hi adisc. :>

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    Hi Jess! Welcome to ADISC. Nothing even remotely witty comes to mind presently, so that's all I got. Have fun I guess.

    Man, what a tragically lame post. Don't think that it reflects on my opinion of you, orange-named new fellow, I'm just out of amusing right now.

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    Heya, welcome to ADISC!

    Don't worry about not being good at writing about yourself, happens alot around here. Anywho, cool that you like animals and you got your boyfriend to join. Very neat when relationships find their way here.

    Once again welcome, hope you enjoy your time here, mind the rules and most of all have fun!

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    Welcome welcome jess glad to see you and your BF can enjoy this with eachother i hope you guys find the right size diapers next time

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