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Thread: Wallgreens and CVS? how good are they

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    Default Wallgreens and CVS? how good are they

    I cant buy online so i have to go to drug stores...ive only bought depends max. and depends for men....but i want to try somthing different.

    How good are wallgreens?

    how good are CVS?(do they have sml/med.)

    im looking for the max protection diapers not pull ups..

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    Hey Dtalk, i can personally say i have tried and like the Walgreens Maximum Protection Overnight Fitted Brief, the biggest most absorbent "depends maximum overnight brief" equivalent they have... the one in the green bag with the burgundy label... well they are cloth-backed and are pretty amazing.

    I normally use them with a tena booster in them but even with out them they hold a lot of liquid, pretty much two full good wettings(you know those really relieving long ones) and they are pretty good against leaks cause the cloth parts start to crease to your body shape, so if you put them on the right way then you have nothing to worry about. They don't do the best job at making you feel dry as you are able to tell where and how wet it is but if your like me thats not necessarily a problem. also the tapes on them, however bigger and stronger, are in less quantity and don't work too well if you are one to constantly un-tape and re-adjust them.

    On their own they are pretty bulky though and the cloth back definitely helps you breath through them easier but keep in mind that will lead to a reduced ability to keep the scents discreet. And as for the CVS brand..... Never tried em lol.

    I know i put a lot up about the Walgreens brand but its mostly cause i just came off two threads of similar subjects where i had to describe the walgreens brands pros/cons... i feel like their spokes person(Am not a Walgreens Spokes Person)

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    They are the same. I find them better than Depends, although it's not a significant amount. You aren't going to get much better in stores though. I tend to double or triple them if I want to last a while in them.

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    ive tried both cvs and walgreens. the cvs is plastic backed and has leakguards, but is much noisier than the cloth backed walgreens diapers that dont have leakguards. i personally prefer the cvs brand if you dont mind the extra noise, but if you wear jeans over it then it really helps.

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    The CVS and the Wallgreens brand, which I think are called Certainty, are nearly identical. Actually, they are also nearly identical to some prevail ones. Personally, I don't care for them much at all. They are not very absorbent, they are cloth backed, and they leak. I've found that they don't form a tight seal around the legs which might be a reason that they leak. I'd save your money if I were you.

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    i really find it depends on how tight you get them to sit around your legs when your putting it on cause i never really have leaks in them and i wet upside down sometimes hehe

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    I personally have not tried on CVS brand adult diapers but I have tried on Walgreens brand. They are not that bad though I suppose size would also play a factor. If you are a generally small framed person you may notice that the mediums are rather big. Which may or may not cause leakage around the lower leg area, and also due to the lack of leak guards its best not to flood or wet them for a sustained ammount of time in any other position besides standing. The benefits though is that they absorb rather quick and seem to have a fair bit more capacity that depends. As others have stated they are cloth backed, have to tapes and thus can be refasted.

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    I wear Certainty Fitted Briefs daily, they're quite superior and I only need 3-4 a day depending on how much I drink. I prefer Depend Fitted at night, but can go without if I have to. I've also used the CVS plastic diapers and they work alright, but I prefer the Walgreens Certainty because they're alot more discreet.

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    I found that they CVS and Walgreens used to be the same, but not anymore for some reason (might be different in some areas). I was surprised by it's performance, was even better when i put in a size 6 stuffer. CVS overnight + size 6 = win

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    Haven't tried em, but if your looking for something locally, i'd see if you have like a health-mart in your area. They usually carry Tena which tend to be at least a little bit better quality than store brands.

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