View Poll Results: How do you feel when you ARE in diapers?

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  • More Confident

    7 21.88%
  • More Outgoing

    2 6.25%
  • More Shy

    18 56.25%
  • More Introverted

    5 15.63%
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Thread: How would you describe you personality? (Part 2)

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    Default How would you describe you personality? (Part 2)

    Here is the second part of the question. How do you feel when you ARE in diapers? I have a developed theory on this and I want to see if it is true.

    Again, feel free to post comments etc underneath

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    Your poll assumes that diapers not only lead to a change in an aspect of one's personality but that the effect can only be one of intensification. Your end result can only be biased.

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    I've said I feel more introverted, but that's not exactly true:
    I'm a pretty introverted and non-confident person most of the time, and when I am in diapers, I'm introverted but happy. Diapers are a brilliant distraction from all negative thought, so they make my head a much happier place to be stuck in :-)

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    Honestly, none of those really come to mind. For me, it's just something else, (a tool?) to help me feel little. So I would say I feel more....

    -at ease
    -care free

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