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    My name is susan and I am a mom of an ab who is 19. He loves to wear baby clothes and act like a baby. He always wants me to baby him. How do you handle it and what do I do. This is my introduction I am a single mom who lives on the east coast and my son was a bedwetter growing up and has to wear diapers. Now hes an ab and loves to wear his cloth diapers.

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    Hey Susan, tbh I don't think there are many IRL mums here. Your situation is quite unique to ADISC I think.

    Welcome to ADISC though.

    I hope some of the more established members can help you more than I have.

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    I'm gonna be honest and please don't take this personal because I really have no way of telling if you're for real. It's incidents in the past that make you weary you could be prying for fantasy sake. If I'm wrong I'm sorry but those kind of people ruined it for you. Trust me, there out there.

    I will say though the best advice I can offer is just be there for him like you have already. Accept him. Love him. Listen to him. Talk to him. Let him know that it's okay but at the same time you need to work on a healthy balance for him. I know it's a typical fantasy to want to be a baby and only a baby but reality of the situation is you're not helping him if you give in. Your son is nineteen, it's time to put away the building blocks.

    What else can you tell us about your son? He in school? Hobbies? Interests besides the aforementioned? What about yourself, what are your real thoughts on all of this and more importantly where would you like to see your son in ten years down the line? Ask yourself if it's not already the case, what can I do to help my son get there?

    This, what you see here ...this is all fun and games. I will never let this take over my whole life because I want to know when it comes time to be serious that I can hold my own and make it through just fine.

    Sorry to ruin the mood but it had to be said.

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    Listen, hun. I'm going to be honest, just like Mr. Statik up there. There's a lot of those creepers out there, and if you do not want to give us the impression that you are, might you tell us a little about yourself?

    Now, be nice to your son. Accept him and love him dearly, and don't feel guilty. It's not your fault that he is this way. However, please do him a favour and create the best balance you can for him in this life. Tell him that fantasies can be played out with perhaps a....more suitable partner, but that he still needs to be an adult for most of the time. He's nineteen, after all. He still needs a job and responsibilities despite his preferences in the bedroom.


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    I'm just going to echo the other commenters here by saying that it's important for you to respect your son's interests, and give him space. In a situation like yours, I think it would be possible for him to develop too much dependence on you, and that wouldn't do either of you any good. As a new adult, he's likely going through a tough transition between childhood and independence. Being sensitive to his identity in how you treat him is a good idea, and I'm glad to hear you're not being critical of who he is. But it's also a good idea to think about what your boundaries are, and to talk to your son about boundaries, so that he can grow to be autonomous and have good relationships in the future. In general, I think that if you're supportive, and careful not to let yourself assume an unhealthy role in his life, you'll do fine.

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