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    I'm a big fan of Bambino diapers but I have to say the last couple of cases I got I was disapointed in the tapes. Maybe it's just me but the tapes just dont hold very good anymore. They come undone after only a couple of hours!!! Anyone else having the same problem with them??

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    Hmmm...cant say I've seen the same thing. Bambinos/Secure X Plus have always had the best tapes around in my opinion.

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    I agree with Nicky.
    I've never had any issues with the tapes on Bambinos.

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    I have had a few tape issues. On older bambinos I would lose one on the bottom ones from ripping off the back. On the latest case I got I have had one pop off on me. I tape mine on super tight though. all diapers have occasional issues even cloth

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    I agree with babababy. The tapes ARE flaky in my recent set. When they redid the manufacturing, they said they changed the quilting (they did) and I believe, the tapes. I got biancos sometime in July. The tapes were an improvement, but the quilting (in my opinion) was awful. So I hesitated before getting the latest batch of classicos. I found these had a somewhat softer feel - though not as nice as last year's - but I too have issues with the tapes 1) breaking, or 2) not sticking well after the first "stick."

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    Yeah. One tape always pops. I'm going back to Abenas once this case is done with. I like the thickness difference with Abenas, too.

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    i just had mine on for a good 4hrs today. i had to reset the tapes when i first put it on. about 4 times pulling off and resetting them. and the tapes lasted my entire time in diapers. so no problems

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