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Thread: Buying nappies from Dorset Nursing Supplies

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    Default Buying nappies from Dorset Nursing Supplies

    Has anyone tried this place before: ?

    Looks like they might deliver cool things quite quickly.

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    I've never heard of it, but it doesn't look like it would be very discreet, since the address would say Dorset Nursing Supplies Ltd., but the delivery looks like it would be fast

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    Never tried that one. They seem a bit pricey too. 24-48 hour delivery. That will be quick.

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    They are the best place I have found to get Abenas from in the UK (42 xplus medium for 21.75 plus shipping). As far as the discreetness goes it is probably as good as you can expect from online ordering with a return address and so on but its not like they have 'DORSET NURSING SUPPLIES' or 'ADULT NAPPIES' emblazoned in big letters on the box

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    They seem rather cheap to me. Better than ordering from Hartmann direct. Will give them a try next time I'm running low.

    Well just got my order from Hartmann. Don't buy from them if you want privacy. It came in a Molicare Box with the fact that they were incontinence products clearly posted on the box. It was also quite loosely sealed so not my no.1 recommendation. Still I've got 2 packs of Molicares now
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    Interesting, but I have never tried them. It is pretty cool that they ship to the US too. Shipping is free for over 100 euros which is what? About 140 dollars? So no thanks, I seriously doubt I will be ordering from there because of that shipping policy haha. One thing that really interested me was these molicares that they have. They are way different from any molicare I seen sold from a US company, which is good because I hate purple diapers! Check them out!

    Darn, the picture would not post so there is the url.
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    They're not a very distinct purple. It's quite subtle.
    I like molicares they're very practical. They are more comfy and reliable than Abri Forms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
    Check them out!

    Darn, the picture would not post so there is the url.
    Those are the (new) MOlicare Premium diapers. They have a plastic-backed maxi pad like middle and sides made from cloth materia. I've never tried them, but by the looks of them I gather I won't like them.
    Molicare diapers come in two colors: The "plus" version comes in purple while the normal aborbency version comes in blue.


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    Hmm... interesting.

    I wonder if that "free shipping" thing applies to the USA.

    Probably not... but it would be cool to get some euro-spec (heh) Tena Maxis.

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    They are more comfy and reliable than Abri Forms.
    The Abri is God, it cannot be beaten!

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