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Thread: Free Audio Hosting?

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    Default Free Audio Hosting?

    As some of you may know. I've got a few recorded rants (Sorta like 2 Gryphon .....ok, exactly like 2 gryphon) and I'm looking for somehwere online I can put them, preferably for free. I know FurAffinity has an audio ability but they're FUBAR right now, so does anyone know of anywhere else I can host them?

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    Do you mean host as in downloadable, or streamable?

    If it's a download, getting a dropbox account is brilliant for sharing any type of file. You get 2gb of space for free that you can do what ever you want it. Just shove it in the public folder, and then you can give people a link to download/stream if they have the right plugin. You could even put a website in the folder, and share that link.

    PM me for a referral if you're feeling kind!

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    Media Convert - free and on line - convert and split sound, ringtones, images, docs -

    This allows users to stream and I think download too if I remember correctly.

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    depends if you're looking for self storage, for others to download and play, or from a place they can stream from.
    if you're looking for storage and/or streaming, creative commons is a good place to start.

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