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Thread: Almost got sued

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    Default Almost got sued

    Anyone ever been sued or ever been close to it?

    I came real close to it on Friday.

    I was going to one of my autism groups and I am waiting to pull onto the road but there was a lot of traffic. I started going and then stop because I saw more cars coming and I didn't want to crash but instead the car behind me rare ended me. I turned and look at the driver and he lifts his hands in the air above his shoulders. I get out of my car and the lady gets out too and we both look at her front bumper and then at my back bumper and more paint had chipped off. But luckily their bumper looked okay. I had no idea why they rare ended me and the man said something about the car behind them rare ending them and then they bumped into me. I look at the back of their car and it looked fine so I asked again what really happened. The lady gets back in her car and gets her camera and some recording device.
    Before we were about to exchange phone numbers she starts taking photos of my bumper and then she is talking to me saying how it was all my fault and I started going really fast like I was going and then stopped. I said there were more cars coming and I didn't want to crash so I stopped. She kept going on and on about how it was my fault and then I ask if she was mad because I couldn't tell. She said she was upset. Then she starts talking into the thing and then she points it to my face asking if I have any comments. I said my side of the story by saying I saw cars coming and I didn't want to crash so I stopped." She talks into the thing again saying we will decide a Merry Christmas or take this to court.
    Then she was done and says if I am sure I want to do this and she will be suing me. I asked her why and she says she has a bad back and I say she looks fine and she goes on and on again about her condition and saying how it was all my fault. Then I said I was scared but my parents will help me through it. She said again we can wish each other a Merry Christmas and I said if we did that would she not sue me then and she said "yes." So I said "deal" then she said "god bless you" and hugs me, then I say I have a disability too except I'm not disabled, it's in my head. Then she asked me if I was all right.
    I said I was.

    I handled this whole thing well despite not knowing what to do and it was unexpected. But I felt I sucked in the social situation but overall I still did good because I had no anxiety so that means no meltdowns. Hey there was no real damage and no injuries and I got more paint peeling off my back bumper, some was peeling off anyway. I just hope there is no other damage. My mom has said just because someone rare ends you doesn't mean there is no damage and you should still exchange information with each other. But she was going to sue me and I didn't want to go through all that. I didn't have the money and who knows how much I would have to pay. The lady said she didn't have any money either but I do know you can still get a lawyer even if you don't have any money because if they think you will win the case, they take your case for free and then charge you after you win.

    But after thinking about this incident afterwards, I wonder if she took advantage of me. I mean yeah she had a bad back and she said her neck is bad too and she is disabled but she was fine, I was fine. She seemed nice but I realize what a bitch she is. I wonder if she still would have let me off the hook if it weren't a holiday?
    Just imagine what the whole case would have been like if she did sue me and I didn't wish her a Merry Christmas. While she is using her bad back as an excuse to win, I can imagine my parents or my lawyer using my own condition to get me to win so it be like bad back against the aspie. I didn't want to go through all that and I don't handle stress well. I am more prone to meltdowns due to anxiety, prone to violence, throwing and hitting when I get pushed over the edge.

    Also how close was her son behind me? Aren't you supposed to leave space between you and the car in front of you? If her kid was too close to me, wouldn't it have been his fault too that he crashed into me? My mom has told me tail gating someone, if they stopped all of a sudden and you crashed into them, the insurance or the police can make you at fault because you were too close. So I feel I might have gotten taken advantage of and how gullible I was. Sure she told me it was my fault but her kid could have been too close behind me and I don't recall I drove off fast. I didn't have time to think about all this till afterwards. The suing just scared me so I decided just wish each other a Merry Christmas and move on and hope there is no other damage.
    I don't know if she was trying to get me the guilt trip about her condition but it sure didn't work. Why would I feel bad if I didn't know she had it? She sure acted like I was supposed to know. Hey she thinks she is the only one with a condition in the situation, I have a mental condition so I told her that as we were hugging. I didn't say what I had because I found that to be irrelevant and I'm private about it too in the real world. I rarely tell anyone. I just said "mental condition." It could be ADD, AS, or anxiety disorder I have.
    Then she asks me if I am all right?
    I sure didn't ask her if she was all right. She seemed all right, no one was injured. Just the paint on my bumper is all. So I don't see why she wanted to sue me if she was all right. Just seems ironic because it was either wish each other a Merry Christmas or she sues me so obviously her bad back was just an excuse. I could sue her kid for my mental condition but I am not like that.

    Then after I got back in my car, she continued taking pictures and I waited till she was done and then I hit the road again. I was late to my group but luckily they had just started. The leader there is always late.

    Yep mentioned my conditions here because I have mentioned them here already in the past so I don't see the point of keeping them in the closet. Everyone knows about it. Others have mentioned theirs too.

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    I do not believe you were at fault at all, from a strictly legal standpoint. You, as a driver, must maintain control of your vehicle at all times, this means keeping enough distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to be able to stop your car in time, no matter what the driver in front of you does. My advice, should this ever happen to you again, is to call the police and have them make out a report of the accident, the damages to the vehicles, and the details of the accident. Again, you were not at fault here. I am really ' pissed-off ' that, in addition to taking advantage of you and intimidating you, she managed to use the Christmas season as part of her scheming manipulation.
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    It's pretty simple and you don't have to worry, she rear ended you. She had a duty to maintain a safe following distance which she did not do. As a driver, one has to expect the unexpected. Just because you started going does not mean that she wouldn't have to stop if you had to stop, so you have nothing to worry about.

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    I didn't bring my cell phone because I forgot it at home.

    I feel stupid for all this so I have kept quiet about all this. I never even told my husband yet. If he were there with me, he would have handled it for me because he does better in social situations than me and I tend to be gullible and then I realize later on how BS it probably was after analyzing a situation. I'm still learning.

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    what everybody else said, its not actually your fault. She rear ended you. I have a friend who had his license suspended because some lady stopped in the middle of a road around a blind turn and he nailed her, put him over his point limit so they had to suspend it even though the lady claimed it was her fault.
    So, like everybody said, her lawsuit would not of held up in any court of law. All you would have to say is she didn't maintain control of her car and hit me.

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    I've been involved in preparation for a group lawsuit, but in the end, there was insufficient likelihood of a good outcome, so we dropped it, although I still feel very clearly we were wronged.

    Calico, the woman in your situation absolutely bluffed/intimidated you from a weaker position. Almost always when you rear end someone you are in the wrong. It's likely no harm done since your car was just scratched and she probably doesn't want to get anyone else involved, but you should always get information from the other driver. You can decide later to pursue it with your insurance, but as it stands now, she's the one with all the information, which is not an equal situation. I doubt she'll do anything with it; she got what she wanted, but in the future you should protect yourself by getting information from the other driver.

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    I think that she knew it was her fault and pressured you into not pressing charges youself. You are never at fault for stopping unless it's when you shouldn't, and you should have, so she was at fault. If she sued you, you would have won hands down regardless of her conditions.

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    Calico, the only way you could legally be at fault is if you backed up into her. The accident is definitely her fault. Don't waste you well being by worrying. Quite frankly, she was a bitch. Just forget her and move on. She's not worth it.

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    Who the heck carries around recording equipment with them, anyway? She must've been trying to get into an accident.

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    Dude, you straight up got had bro.

    Anytime someone rear ends you it is their fault, you probably could have gotten like 500 bucks for the rear bumper.

    And secondly for the record, never make any comments at the scene of an accident, wait to the cops show up (call them if any damage is done)

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