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    Hello everyone.

    I found ADISC a year ago or so and joined, but never ended up really sticking around to find out what it was all about. I was skimming through some old e-mails and found my old registration e-mails and decided to login and take a look around.

    I'm a pretty typical college kid I suppose. I'm into pc gaming a little, I pay attention to politics to a limited degree, and I'm all around pretty chill.

    As far as the whole abdl thing is considered, I guess I'd primarily consider myself to be a DL.

    In any case, I'm really just looking for a comfortable place to lurk and give some advice where I may be able to lend a hand.

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    Welcome back then. You say you are in college, could you tell me what you are studying?

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    HMMM welcome Mr. DL. We are happy to have you... How in particular does ADISC help you... entertain you... What sorts of things do you like about it or use it for?

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    Welcome back Hope you stick around.

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    Greetings from another college student! I'm on the opposite corner of the US from you...

    What sorts of PC games are you into? I adore old sidescrollers like Commander Keen, and I've also gotten into Half-Life. I have a professor whose first name is Gordon, and every time I pass him in the halls, I have the wild impulse to say, "Looks like you're in the barrel today"... but I'm not sure he'd recognize the reference.

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