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    What are some good ways to remove the diaper/pee smell from your body and room of which you wear the most? It isn't like over powering, but you can detect a tiny hint of it. So, what are your methods for hiding or getting rid of the smell from your skin and atmosphere in your room?

    One trick that I found works well for getting rid of the smell on your body:

    If you own a pool, a few hours of swim time will rid your body of pretty much any smell, especially if your go to a public pool. The chlorine pretty much takes over haha.

    So what are your tactics?

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    This is what I do.

    First off to get rid of the smell from your body take a shower and use plenty of soap. If after the shower you still feel you smell go over your diaper area with some scented baby wipes.

    As for your room buy a mid priced air purifier run it whenever you think your room needs it or just run it consistently at a low setting to keep your room fresh at all times (that's what i do). If you stained something in your room while in a used diaper use soap and water to clean the area that was stained. Regularly clean up your room so to keep unwanted odors out of your room. Never leave used diapers in your room more then 12 hours(if a its a poopy diaper get it out ASAP) if you can help it, and always put used diapers in a plastic bag this will help eliminate odor from getting into your room. There are also special scented bags that you can buy from medical supply stores that will help with the smell. Lastly buy some scented candles or diffusers to keep your smelling fresh.

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    I think it's a case of prevention being better than cure.

    Pee smell shoud not linger on skin, just wash well and regularly as normal.

    Avoid or contain leakage where possible, such was putting a towel down on a chair if using a nappy that might be prone to leakage. If there is a mishap, clean it up thoroughly.

    If a room begins to get a odour, open the window whenever possible to let fresh air in. You could also use a product such as frebreeze.

    Going swimming does wash your skin in the water and give you a chlorine smell, but it mustn't make up for any lack of hygiene. Got to rinse down in the shower before getting in etc.

    I do worry sometimes that there is a smell and I'm the only one who can't smell it. But no one has said anything yet, even those who know, so I think I'm alright.

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    Make sure baby boy changes his diapers and showers. as well as through the diapers in a plastic bag then in the trash. and dont forget if you do wet in your sleep it might be your sheets that are smelly so wash them and you should be good to go

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    Shower and use a body spray like AXE if your that worried that you didn't clean that well.

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    For your room, use Febreze's air/bedding spray. As for your body..... there's always Aspray!

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