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    Smile Hello

    Hi everyone!

    Infi Kitsune here, a DL/diaperfur from Melbourne, Australia.

    I work as a programmer, and I enjoy watching TV shows.

    Have been into diapers for like forever, more recently discovered "sissy" stuff. My fursona is a 3-tailed kitsune fox.

    Looking forward to chatting with you all

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    Welcome, Infi! Very cute icon you have! You can call me Shu. I'm a fur/diaperfur myself - my character is a green lioness.

    What T.V. shows do you like? I don't watch that much telly, but when I can I love watching House M.D. and Two and a half Men. I sometimes watch American Idol when it's on with my mom, but I'm assuming you might have something different since you're from Australia.

    Anyways, hope you enjoy ADISC! :3

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    Hi, infi. Welcome to ADISC, I am sure you will like it here.

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    hey infi welcome to ADISC what kind of tv shows do you like.

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    Welcome to ADISC.

    Ill talk to ya later on IRC.

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    Hey! Welcome to ADISC

    Nice to see another Antipodean... *waves from across the Tasman*

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    Hi there Infi and welcome to ADISC^^ hope you have fun and enjoy yourself :3 hopefully I can chat with you and get to know you

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    Welcome to ADISC! What TV shows do you enjoy watching? Any other interests or hobbies? Hope you enjoy and love this site and its supportive community!

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    Hi again all, thanks for the warm welcome!

    As for TV shows, I tend to like Sci-Fi and Dramas, right now I'm really loving Dollhouse - a real tragedy that it got cancelled

    Comedies are good from time to time too; good UK sit-coms really crack me up.

    I also like playing video games. Ever since DDR came out I've been hooked on the Rhythm genre, completely wrapped with everything from Parappa the Rapper to Frequency to Rock Band to Para Para Paradise, and probably any others you can name. In addition, I'm a massive fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, and have continued playing most of the Sonic games released despite the huge decrease in quality since the Dreamcast got scrapped.

    I used to read books back in the day, I'm still quite a fan of Terry Pratchett. Nowadays I tend to read so much stuff on the web that I rarely find time for books.

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