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Thread: Pictures of your keyboards..

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    Default Pictures of your keyboards..

    So i was bored and thinking what peoples keyboards look like..
    So What does your keyboard look like?

    To start you off here is one of my usb keyboards i use for Kate a ubuntu box

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    Here's mine It's worked out pretty nice and has a VERY long-lasting battery life (4 AA batteries = 4 months of extreme typing [which, as you can see, is reaching an end lol.. I'll have to change those batteries soon]), it also has a touchpad :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zagete View Post
    Damnit, almost snap

    I have the 8000 version of that "Wireless Entertainment Desktop", rather than the 7000, which gives me backlit keys and a built-in recharging circuit, neither of which are actually all that helpful (though the backlight is pretty..), and almost certainly not worth the 70-to-150 price increase that the 8000 entailed back when mine was bought for my 21st birthday almost 2 years ago

    Pretty much this thing, but with a UK layout instead of a US one:

    Oh, and I use a Logitech MX Revolution mouse, because the mouse in that WED8000 set is *awful*...

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    Dam it Zagete Badger those are nice keyboards.. I want something like that for when in bed

    Quote Originally Posted by Zagete View Post

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    I left mine in the dryer too long...
    That is my KVM board, runs 8 systems on my 2nd monitor. My main system uses an Acer Airkey that is not quite as small.
    The whole setup looks like this.
    Dang cats everywhere!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Badger View Post
    Oh, and I use a Logitech MX Revolution mouse, because the mouse in that WED8000 set is *awful*...
    The mouse in the 7000 one is also not that good either... it has to be recharged like every 10 days and recharging doesn't work that well (the thing where it recharges is dysfunctional [apparently all units came out that way]). And even if it's laser, it being wireless kills the precision. ;o Although, the keyboard I do recommend (I got mine for free from live club search [club bing now] like 2 years ago too).

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