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Thread: Leggings for men

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    Default Leggings for men

    Your views on men wearing leggings?


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    My view:


    and whatev, if they want to wear them, whatever. It's not my thing, so I wouldn't like it, but... I guess someone else might?

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    Gross. I mean, if they wanna look that bad, then go ahead, but I'll still laugh at them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfpup2008 View Post
    Your views on men wearing leggings?

    You do mean under your skirt or dress, don't you?

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    Of course I shouldn't talk. My winter cycling kit can't be much better....

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    Hmm....not really my thing.

    But now that we are on the topic..I LOVE when girls wear leggings = X

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    On guys...Just no.

    I don't even get why girls think leggings are appropriate attire for the middle of winter, but I'm really not going to complain.

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    When it starts to get cold I always wear long underwear, and if I'm doing something outside I wear shorts over them, I have been dressing like that forever.

    I do not mind going out that way, I think it looks kinda cool, only mine are white istead of black like the pic.

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    I've seen plenty of guy ravers who wear leggings, but other than that...

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