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Thread: new member...avid roleplayer

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    Default new member...avid roleplayer

    45,m here
    DL not currently wearing...but LOVE cloth diapers
    Hope to get to know others....and maybe some close to me
    I am North of Iowa

    If someone has a diaper fantasy to 'play out'...would love to talk about doing it with them...please contact me. Am a good RP teacher as well.

    Lane Andrews

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    Welcome To ADISC, I'm Sure You'll Find Many Colourful Characters Here... And More. xD

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    Welcome to ADISC! Do you have any other interests or hobbies outside of DLism?

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    welcome to adisc then.. how does one go about "teaching" someone to play a role then? is there a list o.O?

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    amateur radio
    I raise mini horses and milk goats..and enjoy caring for a small farm in Iowa


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    text based RP is basically writing a story...from two persons perspective
    you write you thoughts, actions and words to a certain point....then the other player repsonds...back and a visual '2 person' play...only typed.
    With DL..could be a wife finding out HE is into diapers..and the interaction of query and eventual diaper play that might happen because of it. Or a boy suddenly under the thumb of a domineering that only thinks a good a diapered boy....there are innumerable scenes.

    Thanks, Lane

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    most difficult...ine text getting details.
    Is a lot like authoring a book...this happens...making that happen..but each must express thoughts, actions and keep the story going.
    I do a bit of impromptu, on the job, composition training.I suppose

    Thanks, Lane

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    You know, I'd like roleplaying with you...

    If I could be a diaper girl, of course :P

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    welcome to ADISC

    there's a few people here from Iowa! Have fun exploring the site.
    ~ Will

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