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    Yeppers, took a trip out to the Пустыня Махави, or Mojave desert not too long ago. It was quite windy there the whole time, a little bit after we arrived I got to ride an ATV doing donuts and fishtailing around in the dirt, though there were some scary moments when it felt like it was getting ready to cartwheel X3 Later as the sun was going down I got to ride in the passenger seat of the "T-Rex", essentially a small offroad truck. It's got this bar to grip which help me not get bounced around as much going over whoops :p We then reached the loose rock-laden bottom of a steep hill, going at it without much slip all the way to the top. Oh my Osiris.. the view of the distant city lights from up there was simply wunderbar! I wish I had a camera then. Getting back to the base of the hill we were about to head back when my uncle turns the T-Rex around; "Y'know what? We're going up the steepest one." And hits the gas, next thing I know - we're going up the steepest path of that already steep hill. "I hope we make it!" He says with a sarcastic grin as the thing climbs, with it fortunately not seeming to show much struggle. We successfully reached the top again and headed back to the campsite.

    The night scenery was very pretty as well, with stars and clouds covering the sky... mountains dark sihlouettes against the moonlight. The temperature plummeted considerably however, keeping people generally close to the fire. Dinner was spaghetti, carne asada, and Dr. Pepper with roasted marshmallows and pumpkin bars as dessert When the time came to hit the hay, we just got sleeping bags with blankets and pillows and 'twas all good. Some time around 2 A.M. however, it began to rain and some was getting in the tent, so I just burrowed into the sleeping bag trying to stay as warm and dry as possible. My father had the misfortune of having to answer nature's call at 4 A.M., when it was still raining The narrow deck chair I was laying on didn't make a very comfortable mattress.

    I woke up the next morning, looking at my watch it was about 7:20 A.M.(Can't remember exactly) and it was too cold to get out of my sleeping bag, let alone leave the tent. So I ended up sleeping an hour and a half longer. Now it was still quite cold, but warm enough to move around the campsite. I come out to a breakfast of smokies n' eggs, with orange juice to drink. Then I asked my sister if I could borrow her camera, which she let me It's pink So I wander a little bit to the edge of the campsite and start taking pictures of the scenery, but a cold wind prevented me from straying too far. Going back to the fire to warm up I was told that overnight the mountain ranges had been covered with snow, and could be seen from a small crest a small distance away. Thus began my unsuccessful attempts to combat the windchill and reach it, but it beat me back every time. I'm back in the tent putting on another coat when my brother asks if he can come with me with our father suggesting we take Jack (One of our beagles - Jill was too cold... no I didn't name them >_>; X3), along with a neighbor and his chocolate labrador. We actually made it to the crest, and farther up from there Got some nice snapshots from that.

    Returning again to the campsite, we notice it has gotten cloudier. I saw what appeared to be a thick blanket of fog obscuring the more distant mountains... it was actually rain It even started drizzling at the campsite as we were packing up our stuff. Not fifteen minutes later I look again, see the downpour now obscuring the mountain behind our campsite and well, that was our cue to leave My uncle kept telling us it would pass in half an hour, but it sure as heck didn't look like it.. strangely enough the campfire was still burning.

    Well I hope that post was at least somewhat comprehensible and now, a few pictures for your viewing pleasure
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    Wow...the word "desert" always makes me think of eternal sunshine and sand. I thought that gloomy, overcast type of weather is a thing we only get up/over here in Europe this time of year, so your pictures look kind of bizarre - typical desert environment (sand, few low bushes) but typical November weather from over here.

    Quote Originally Posted by RelkTekkule View Post
    My father had the misfortune of having to answer nature's call at 4 A.M., when it was still raining
    We all know how to prevent that. Next time, offer your whole crew some diapers


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    Hehe, well it is the high desert, varying from approximately 3-6000 feet above sea level in elevation depending on where in the place you are. It even snows there during the winter! A desert covered with snow.. imagine that :3 And yeah diapers would come in handy with the nights being as cold as they are

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    omg that sounds awesome, lol i wish i could go to the desert (it's like 12 degrees in MN). also nice pictures, any more of them?

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