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    for those of you who use xp medical and buy a single case a purchase or have bought just one case by itself, i heard that since the case is big the box it comes in has ot have holes so the people who have to carry it have a good grip, but it would also allow someone to see inside, is this true, i was thinking to get case rather then a pack, but if it has holes its a no for me... sorry if this seems like a stupid question.

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    I just opened a case tonite. they are not so big or heavy as to need hand holes BUT they do have perferated hand holes that were NOT punched in as the carton sealing tape covered them.
    I did take pics and have pics from my last case (the old ones) as I hope to make a comparison post soon. Meanwhile heres a fuzzy pic and fear not XP is descreate.

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    The last case I ordered from XP had a few small holes in it, but you could not see inside the box. I wouldnt worry about it at all

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