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    well im 16, from the east coast, in high school hopefuly to go to college and become an engineer in aeronautics, about a year ago i guess i started having what i thought at the time was an odd interest in diapers, i see now there are more people with the same thoughts then i thought... the past 4 months i come to the conclusion that i am a dl, im not into the whole ab/tb thing tho. 3 months ago i bought some sample of abri form super and xplus off xp medical, and i guess that kinda hooked me. well im a pc/ps3 gamer, i hate macs, love windows, and linux questions me... that freaking penguin. but its great to find a community such as this for the few but many people that have this interest... i hope to become part of the community along with many others.

    sorry if i seemed a bit nervous with my post... i am

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    Hey sky, welcome to ADISC. No need to be too nervous about your first post (I know, easier said than done though, right?). Anyhow, feel free to just jump right in and be yourself here. I think you'll find people here understand you and your unique interests pretty well. Hope you enjoy your time here .

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    Welcome to ADISC! New Jersey just seems terrible these days with the New Jersey Turnpike and the 0-18 New Jersey Nets. So what PS3 games do you play?

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    yea NJ is pretty shity lol, i play cod4-5 and hopefuly soon 6, lbp, nfs shift, a few others, once i get a job ill get more games.

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    Hello sky920, Welcome to ADISC. I am sure you will enjoy being here. Have fun.

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    Welcome to Adisc Sky! That was an awesome intro. Hope you enjoy yourself here.

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