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Thread: Kiki has arrived!

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    Default Kiki has arrived!

    Just signed up on here after hearing of it on LiveJournal. I'm Kiki (or Keaton) Foxkitty. I'm 24 and currently reside in Georgia. Lately I've been hanging out with the babyfurs in SecondLife with the name "Keaton Foxclaw". If not that then I'm usually either playing TF2 or L4D on Steam, or just playing Fallout 3.

    As far as RL diapery things, I haven't done much lately, mainly due to the fact that I haven't had any diapers around since April or May, and can't really get ahold of anymore until I eventually move out.

    I also made a group called DirtyFurs, which is basically for furries into messing/wetting their pants, diapers, etc. It's on LiveJournal, Furnet IRC, and even SecondLife! So if you're interested in that pop in and check 'em out.

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    Hey kiki sorry to hear about the no diapy thing but this is really good so what do you like other than video games and chatting if anything and if you want I could be a friend. but you seem just from here really nice hope you have fun on ADISC

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    Quote Originally Posted by KikiFoxkitty View Post
    I'm Kiki (or Keaton) Foxkitty.
    Does the Keaton have any refrence to Zelda? My fursona is the Keaton, and I though I was the only one.

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    Ah, I've heard about you, and have seen you in diaperfurs I believe.

    Welcome to the site. :]

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    Hey KikiFoxKitty welcome to ADISC, i love your avatar especially the eyes, there just like mine, anyway i love to play fallout 3 "well obviously" and other game's, tell me which platform are you using please.

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    Hi, Kiki. Warm welcomes to ADISC. I am sure you will like it here.

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    hi Kiki ;3

    Welcome to ADISC =D

    Hope you likes it here!

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