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    Just watching some South Park and it was the one when Butter's started the kissing company. And Butter's was going on how when you have a girlfriend you have to take her out to lunch, take her to the movies, and listen to her mother F**king stories, lol.

    1. Great episode
    2. That is the typical stereo type of men in media, at least some tv shows. And it usually portrays them of hating to listen to his girlfriends problems.

    Is that true? Or to what extent is it true? I would hope it isn't, but I may be wrong this isn't may area of expertise.

    Sorry, I was thinking of this last night and thought "Wow this probably doesn't make sense" My bad. My question is do guys tend to hate listening to girls problems?
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    Is what true? I'm not sure I fully understand what you are asking.

    As far as taking a girlfriend out to the lunch, out to the movies, and listening to stories/problems, then....yes. These things are to be expected by two people in love.

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    I would say the married forever guys just tune out when the wife is talking.

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    Sometimes girls talk forever......and ever, and ever, and ever. I would certainly try and listen for a while, but I don't know how long I could last Nah, i'm kidding, it's something you gotta do for somebody you're in love with

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    Personally I don't support the whole "the guy buys everything" rule of thumb. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Then again I didn't date as a young kid because I had other things on my mind most the time. The few girls I did date though would either be offended or agree. I think a relationship is stronger when you both do your part together so I will never buy into the whole what is expected of us routine.

    As for stories? Every girl is different. Guys are no exception though. Being bi you hear it all. I've heard some crazy yap traps but I guess it just depends how much you want to be in what you're willing to put up with. You do go numb to it eventually, especially when you fall in love.

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    Being a girl, I can really vouch for this. Yes, most girls will complain about girlie stuff. Not all girls, though. But I can say that even the most boyish of girls will be a bit whiny once in a while, as with any partner.

    But I don't really agree with the whole "OH DA MAN TAKES OVER WITH HIS MUSSELS N SHIT". Nah, There are just some things that one partner can't do, so they make it all up for eachother. For example, I have no money.... but I can make awesome Christmas gifts. ;D

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