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Thread: Hi from U.S. East Coast

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    Default Hi from U.S. East Coast

    I've lurked here for a bit, and it's time to introduce myself. I live on the East Coast of the U.S. and I am just old enough (in real life!) to remember the time before we had sites like this.

    When I was young, there were BBS systems before the web got big, and we used to connect to those to look for stories and to connect with people.

    Only once did I really have a good connection (like an attraction) with another AB, his name was Scotty, and we arranged to meet in NY and had a great time. It was only one day (and one night!!!) but it was a lot of fun. We explored Manhatten wearing diapers under our clothes. We went to FAO Schwartz (toy store) and did lots of other stuff too. We lost touch at some point, since both of us moved and got new emails. (Scotty, if you are reading this, contact me!!)

    I was happy to find ADISC because of the idea of a community where we can all be ourselves.


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    Hi welcome to the site So what does "just old enough" mean, like 20s? Hope you can re-connect with Scotty. Take care and welcome to the site

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    Go east coast! Now, by east coast, are you actually on the coast? Because my house is like 5 miles from the Atlantic, and i can look out the windows at work and see the Atlantic.

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    Hello Casspark, from another East coast guy, I'm from Northeast Pa, Glad to meet you..... Bee

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    Hello....I grew up in New Jersey, a block and a half from the water. What a great way to live. Hope you enjoy the site, and maybe Scotty's here as well.

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    Hi to all!

    I sometimes wish I lived right at the coast, but I'm actually inland about 100 miles or so. Looking at the U.S. as a whole, that's pretty much on the coast, though!

    I finished college in 1988, and for the next 5-6 years or more, the bulletin board systems remained as a major way for people with, ummmm, unusual interests to find each other.

    And now we are here on the web!


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    Welcome to ADISC! Have you enjoyed any snow yet I assume?

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