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Thread: Ok, here's the Ab/Dl Drawing I drew.

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    Default Ok, here's the Ab/Dl Drawing I drew.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I could made it better but, i'm sort of busy today . this only took me about 30 minutes, once i have more time and focuse, it'll be much better. trust me .

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    I really like the torso. The foreshortening on his right arm seems a touch off, as do the hands. Nice for a quick starting sketch, which you said this is, so...

    *wants to see the 'longer version' (when you get time)*

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    That took you 30 minutes? >.<

    It could use some work, but you're off to a good, slow start.

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    The anatomy and proportions are off, but that's alright. They're both a bit difficult to get down, especially when drawing men. You might want to study some Andrew Loomis a bit. He did some great anatomy studies, as well as figure drawing and creative illustration. You can view/download some of his books in PDF format here.

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