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    Is anyone else playing this?

    I played for years, was a serious raider, etc., and then quit a couple years back. In the last few months they have added a new server, Mayong, that is 51/50: all new characters on that server start at level 51 with all spells and abilities and 50 AAs. It is pretty fast and easy to get back into the game, so I have been giving it a try and it is sort of fun.

    IMO EQ1 is still the best of all time, even with decade old graphics.

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    I would only be interested in it if it had the same kind of user base that it did back around 1999-2001. From where I looked at it, raiding was a very destructive influence on the game and the further they got away from the focus on grouping (specifically groups dungeon delving in non-instanced environments), the worse things went. I had a lot of fun playing and met some cool people (a few I met in real life and consider good friends) but it's done for me.

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