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    Default Hello

    Hey I am new here and was wanting to know if anyone knows a good place to start I am a dl and would like to meet other dls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RikaRenamon View Post
    Hey I am new here and was wanting to know if anyone knows a good place to start I am a dl and would like to meet other dls.
    Okay... first of all a big welcome to ADISC! =)

    I'm not sure I understand you. Are you saying you don't know how to start meeting other DLs? Do you want to meet people in real life? There's nothing wrong with that but that isn't the purpose of this site (although we do have meet-ups, but only after we get to know people a bit).

    I'm sure you realise there are plenty of DLs here =) So in my opinion, a good place to start would be to tell us a bit more about yourself outside of being a DL, because we are interested to know what makes you an individual (wearing diapers here is quite a common thing, after all). This could be anything you want to share, such as any hobbies and interests you may have. It's likely that you'll find somebody here who shares other interests with you apart from diapers, which will ultimately lead to you making some very good friends.

    Hope you have a really good time here =)

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    thanks hmm lets see here I am 20 and really into writing and reading fanfictions on I am also on Gaiaonline which is where I heard of this place. but I am deciding to take a break from there I am working on trying to get through college and am failing spatacularly at that. and I am really fun and entertaining to talk to or so I have heard I have also heard I pry to much into peoples lives but I think that is me just putting others before me always I could have the worst day of my life and I would help someone else with their problems before my own.

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    Hi Rika,
    Any particular fanfic that you like? I have one or two ideas for stories in the fanfic genre (Battlestar Gallactica, AI - Artificial Intelligence). Write any stories yourself?

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    Default hey ^^

    Yeah I write but I am not that great I am thinking of trying my hand a a diapered fic but hey sure I can try a go at your I dea I am mostly anime though.

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    Hmmm many members posted their innermost thoughts, or their rl situations, if you want to look them up. Obviously personally identifying information isn't good to gave in plain sight for the public to view... but once people get secure about who you are: not outright crazy, of similar age and interests, and you determine what you would like to do upon meeting in rl, it might happen... Personally I like to know a person (and have them know me) for a year, and meeting in a group is an idea for safety and extra fun at the same time.

    *sigh* many people show up hoping to find people in their area for rl meets right off the bat. Others even want to find singles to date, all up front.

    I can tell you that if you do your searches you WILL find the people who attend large ab parties a lot, not to mention various furry-events open to the public. And they can tell you how to get notice of these functions, and how to act, dress, what they cost, and all the rest of that stuff.

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    Default Would so love that

    I would so love that going andmeeting in large groups making friends I would love even one friend cause that is more than I have now. all friends on comp so I am going to make friends here and then see if I can attend with them these functions. I would love to have a furry friend pack to go with and be protected while I protect.

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    Hey welcome to the Site I'm always open to talk to any one. feel free to pm me.

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    okay I will scoo I talkin to kokoro now so yeah

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