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Thread: Mayonnaise...

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    Default Mayonnaise...

    ... goes with everything!

    Especially cheesy chips. (Or fries... if you're American.) And baked potato with cheese. Ohhh and egg! Egg mayonnaise

    Please share your experiences, positive and negative, with this amazing condiment. Is there anything out there that doesn't go with mayonnaise?

    By anything and everything I mean savoury dishes... unless you really do eat mayonnaise with chocolate... in which case you are quite possibly insane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nonabean View Post
    Can I have you and mayonnaise?
    *Chops self up and shallow fries until golden brown. Serves on a bed of crunchy salad leaves and a nice dollop of mayo.*

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    I myself have never cared for it, however, I have a friend that makes mayonnaise sandwiches (which completely grosses me out). Honestly most condiments gross me out.

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    I hate mayonnaise, unless it's mixed with ketchup.

    Equal parts ketchup and mayo, and you've got what Utahns/Idahoans/possibly Nevadans call fry sauce. And it is wonderful on fries/chips/whatever you call them. <3

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    Mayo is Gods own condiment! So white and tasty, it really is good with almost anything. I will mix other spices/herbs/juices into it to make new sandwich/ french fry flavors to enjoy. Chipotle and a little lime juice make a nice tangy, somewhat spicy spread that rocks!

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    It's ok in small doses, but let's not go overboard... That is unless your feeding me a chicken sandwich then slop it ON!

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