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Thread: Diaper incidents at Hotel

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    Default Diaper incidents at Hotel

    Hi All,

    After reading another post about hotels, I was wondering if any of you out there have any stories about wearing diapers or bed wetting at hotels. Either being caught or whatever...I was just curious.


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    A long time ago I was on a two week business trip in Florida, one night I went out and bought a bag of attends and had a night of diaper binge happiness, the next morning I tossed the remaining diapers in a near by dumpster. That was way back in my mid twenties when I still had that stupid feeling of guilt after having fun in my diapers. That's all I've got.


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    Default Cool!!

    That sounds like so much fun!!!! Diaper Binge!!!!

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    Didn't get caught or anything... but really the only time I've worn a diaper in a hotel was when we (another member and I) missed the train back from London and had to stay overnight. We left them in the rubbish bins in the room.

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    Hm. In my case the concept of "getting caught" doesn't really apply. I wear at hotels all the time. I usually ask for a waterproof bed cover (mattress protection), I leave my wet diapers in the garbage (as I should), I hang up my plastic pants in the bathroom so they can dry... But I cannot say that I have been "caught". lol

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    I wore twice on a trip to Tennessee, once up and down. It was ok, nothing special. Just please, remember to dump your poop in the toilet before folding the diaper up. Please think of the poor maids who don't speak english.

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    I wear all the time in hotels, I've never leaked and when I change in the morning I put the diaper in the waste basket. I usually leave a few dollars in tips for the maid cause they are cleaning the trash and my wet diapers. Thats all the fun I've had.

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    i wear diapers all the time, most of my family knows so i cant really get caught. lol. at hotels and stuff they just go in the trash like usual. thats about it

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    I have never had any issue wearing in hotels. I am a bedwetter, so I just wear the same things I wear at home, don't have issues with leaks, don't mess with asking for the hotel to help me with a protective mattress.

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    Yah nothing exciting here either. I have worn may times in hotels/motels with no issues.

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