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Thread: Best type of cloth diaper

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    Default Best type of cloth diaper

    This is not a question on brand, but type, and a question to cloth diaper users. What would you say is the best type (not doing it as a poll just so it can be open ended)

    I personal use Contor velcro diapers that need plastic (rubber) pants. I also have some pocket diapers. I ask what types do you use (also lets try to keep brand loyalty out of this, and just stick to types.)

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    I like my AIO (all in one) cloth diapers, they have a waterproof outer cover, and velcro tabs. prefold pin on's are great too with rubber pants.

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    I prefer the pull-on type with plastic pants. I have a couple of AIO's and they are OK, but I like the pull-ons better.

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    I like night time weight pre-fold diapers, pin on. Both birdseye and gauze are good. The gauze are about an inch bigger, and a little thicker....very nice.

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    Prefolds, fastened with a Snappi (faster/easier than pins) and covered with waterproof polyester pants (durable, don't harden at the leg openings like vinyl pants). The ease of AIOs or pocket diapers would be nice, but I found them to be harder to launder--especially with the long dry time of AIOs or other thick diapers. The prefolds dry pretty quick, and the polyester pants air dry in half a day (15 minutes if I turn a fan on 'em).

    The prefolds themselves are Chinese 'diaper service quality (DSQ)'. The material is kind of like an especially soft but durable gauze that 'quilts up' after washing.

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    I did have a pair of the Velcro's from Babykins. I was living just below the border from them in Canada.
    I make my own flat diapers...before wife found them and an 'arrangement' was made that I stop wearing. Each is made from 3 yards of 27" diaper flannel, cut in half and sewn side by side. This makes a 54" square that folds into the classic kite design PERFECTLY..just like when I was born. It also washes an dries is single thick.
    Just me personal pref

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    There is no single "Best Cloth Diaper." This will vary for each of us.

    Cloth diapers only are practical when washing facilities are discreet and convenient. To me the available washing and drying equipment is the first consideration deciding on cloth diapering. In places with warm sunny days and privacy, drying diapers outside on a line can work well. For most of us a dryer will be necessary. In the olden days diapers/nappies were washed by hand. Honestly I have never tried doing this, but some might want to try.

    Each type of cloth has pros and cons as diaper/nappy material. All In One (AIO) is a challenge to wash and dry. They take a long time to dry, since using heat harms them and still does not make drying fast. Terry can be washed and dried with heat, like a terry towel. Flannel needs more gentle washing with moderate to cold water. Birdseye and gauze are similar. The claimed advantage is they can be washed in very hot water without damage. The open weave of gauze/Birdseye allows them to be washed very clean and also speeds drying.

    Certainly all diapers/nappies must fit. Size does count!

    Velcro fastening can complicate washing. Hot water does harm Velcro, and keeping lint out of it can be frustrating.

    Many of us remember cloth diapers from our childhood fondly. For most of us a specific type is comfy for us. I grew up in pinned flat classic Curity gauze diapers, layered until they absorbed enough. Back in 1991 I gave contoured Velcro-fastening cotton flannel diapers a fair trial for months. I found I prefer pinned gauze diapers, because I am used to them and I can adjust the fit with each diaper change.

    There is no "Wrong" choice. Some cloth diapers are less convenient.

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