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Thread: I lost my paci, and then found it again

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    Default I lost my paci, and then found it again

    So, a couple weeks ago, I went looking for my paci because I just needed something so suck on, and I wanted to baby out. I looked all around my side of the room, went through all my boxes and even went and looked in my car. I couldn't find it!!! I was so ticked and started throwing a little bit of a tantrum (thank goodness I was the only one home at the time)--throwing my pillows, blankies, and plushies at my bed and just being ticked off. After about checking everything I owned about three times, I finally found it. I was SOOOO happy!!! I put it in my mouth and sucked happily on it for a good 15 minutes.

    So my questions to all of you are, have you ever lost/misplaced one of your favorite *B items, and how did you feel when you lost it and how did you react? Also, when you finally found it or replaced it, how did you feel/act?

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    Well, congratulations on refinding your paci and I have never lost anything TB that is mine. Must have been a great time with that paci after desperately searching for it.

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    Although I'm not a TB I do suck a dummy. My Mum doesn't like it though. I was the only one home the other day and then realised I was late. I left my dummy in the living room by accident. I was like.... Ooops. Because she thought I'd binned them all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peaceful View Post
    I finally found it.
    Im curious to know where you found it, was it a uber strange place, did you leave it there?

    As for me i havent really lost anything but i do like to keep track of where i leave stuff like that uncase i get any unexpected house guests decide to come over.

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    Three times actually, one night before i went to bed, i put my pacifier in my mouth and accidentally fell asleep with it still in, i felt someone poking me in the back (i sometimes lie on my stomach) and saw my twin brother looking at me whilst getting ready for his work, i said what and he just pointed to his to his mouth, not having any idea about what he was getting at, and also being sleepy and frustrated at being woken up at 5.30 in the morning i looked at him again and said what for the second time, he said the dummy, me suddenly realising what he was trying to say, i quickly brought my hand up to my mouth and to my surprise my dummy/pacifier was still there i quickly pulled it from my mouth as soon as my bedroom door flew open and stuffed it inside my pillow while hearing my dad ask my brother if he was up for work, after he left me and my brother burst out laughing.

    Another time when i was making myself a snack, i decided that i was going to make up a baby bottle off milk for bed that night, while my family was in the living room, i got a bottle out of the cupboard, screwed the lid off and poured some milk into it and screwed it back on, while putting the milk away i heard footsteps coming down the hall, i panicked grabbed the bottle and practically threw it in the fridge under some burger buns, hey honey i heard my mom say, i closed the fridge door slowly not to draw any suspision and turned around to see my mom making some coffee, i said hey mum grabbed my snack and went upstairs, about 30 mins later my dad came into my room and told me that mum had found a baby bottle in the fridge with milk in it, he asked me if i knew any thing about it, i played it cool and said no, he walked out the the door while mumbling well someone did it, i smiled to myself, just glad that i got away with it

    And the last one finally (pant pant) about two weeks ago my little cousin was staying for the weekend, and asked me if he could sleep in my bed, and i replied yeah sure, around bedtime while i was in the livingroom helping my little bro with overdue homework, my little cousin walks into the room with my dummy/pacifier , i continued to help my brother until my cousin came over to me and held out the paci, i said what is it, trying too act cool, he replied i found this on your bed, in which i replied well its not mine, my mother was sitting on the couch while all this was happening and told my cousin to give her the paci, she looked at me for a couple of seconds before heading out of the room, ive not saw it since.

    I felt like i was writing a story lol

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    Well, thanks everyone for all the replies. Good stories Fallout3, and I hope you get your pacifier back, or another one to replace it.

    In response to Paul Fox's question, I found my paci wrapped up in some in some fabric that was in a plastic bag. The first couple times I looked in the bag I thought, "Oh, its just fabric." And looked elsewhere. On the third time around, I finally decided to look through the fabric, and that's where I found it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peaceful View Post
    Well, thanks everyone for all the replies. Good stories Fallout3, and I hope you get your pacifier back, or another one to replace it.
    Thanks peaceful I did search for it but could not find it unfortunately, So i stole one from my baby cousins diaper bag, so im using that one right now. The only problem is that my new baby cousin is actually a girl, so the paci i am using is actually PINK lol haha

    Make sure you keep your paci in a safe place, may i suggest maybe sticking it inside youre pillowcase.

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    I'm glad you found it. Losing AB/DL stuff makes me nervous cause I think that someone's found it. Usually, if I lose something, I'll spend half the day searching for it.

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