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Thread: My computer is nearing destruction!!!

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    Unhappy My computer is nearing destruction!!!

    It is getting quite hard to come on here because my mom put a virus on my computer it's one of those fake security virus thingies and it is soooooooooo damn hard to get it off. I have downloaded some stuff to try and get rid of it except it is now appearing on any web page I go on . Right now I'm in safe mode and trying to download something called bitdefender but every time I press download my computer freezes! Anyway I might not be able to get on much but hopefully I will be able to fix it.

    There is also one more thing that has made it quite hard to get onto this site. The ceiling leaked in my room last week and onto the one thing I didn't want it computer and into the circuits but it worked after I had dried it out . The problem is that my mom moved my room around and now the computer screen is facing my door but before I hid it behind my curtain so that will be a problem whenever I come on here.

    So in closing I will try to get on as often as I can but it probably won't be that often.

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    Dude, AVG Free does the trick.


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    hey legokid it takes a little while to scan but Avg is awesome, you could also download boostspeed which allows you to delete history, shread items and defrag your computer and makes it go a little bit faster, which is also free

    Auslogics BoostSpeed

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    Don't know a lot about computers but hopefully this software can work for you.

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    well I guess all i can say is do what the pro's say sorry i can't help

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    If AVG doesn't work, you could reformat your hard drive. As for mom looking through the door, bring up something tame like solitaire. Then when you bring up adisc, if she is walking toward you, minimize and solitaire or whatever will be visible.

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    Smash it! Smash it with a hammer!

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    Bah, just using AVG is for n00bs.

    What you do is:
    1.) Start the comp up in safe mode with networking,
    2.) Download and use Spybot Search and Destroy, when that is done scanning,
    3.) Download Malwarebytes and use that, just to make sure that everything is detected and deleted.
    4.) Use any anti-virus that you like to wrap it all up.

    If you do all that in order AND ONLY in Safemode, the virus should be a thing of the past.

    This is advice from my friend who has been running a computer repair center for the last 8 years. And I know people are going to hate on Spybot as it got crappy over the years. But using it in a tri-mode removal system makes it quite well and it is only a double check to see if malwarebytes got everything in the first place. My friend knows what he is talking about, he has saved my ass from from throwing my computer to the curb in frustration many a times...

    And the free AVG is only good for detecting the smaller less harmful versions of viruses. I had AVG, then I switched to Spyware Doctor Anti-Virus, I did a full scan, took me 2 hours and I had 7 Trojan viruses on my computer-and I knew for a fact that these Trojans weren't false positives either...

    Hopefully that can help you out.

    Here are the links to the sites I mention above.

    Good Luck!

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    I would have recommended your way, but when you don't know the person, assume the worst, expect the best. I've met people in their teens who have never touched a computer in their life. (Yes, I know that's effed up)

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