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    Default I have been asked by...

    the good people of ADISC to Introduce myself.

    Hello, I am PoopForFun (Not my real name(duh)).
    I wear diapers for the security and convenience of always knowing i am safe to go wherever.(I guess) Either that, or I am seriously screwed up.

    Whichever way, IDK.

    I also enjoy Photography, soccer and going to the movies with hot girls (yes I know that was un-needed)

    I hope for your acceptance of who I am.

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    of course you're accepted

    Welcome to the Brother(and Sister)-hood

    Use this pass at any participating Wendy's to recieve a lifetime's supply of napkins

    *hands you a secret pass*

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    I'm sorry about my writing style. It's a tad on the sadistic side. Please do not take Offence!!!
    That's just the way I write. It's quite sad really.

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    Welcome to ADISC! What is the 8822 for? Is it the convenience of typing it on a computer as 7432?

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