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Thread: 454 Days and 1000th Post!

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    Talking 454 Days and 1000th Post!

    August 31, 2008: A curious and shy tk7432 posts this to end the annoying Lurker status on his page. Trying to limit his mistakes of making an error, he writes this in a subtle and quick fashion on his PS3:
    to this website i am only known as tk7432. ionly discovered myself as a tb/dl only 1 year ago. i searched for this website for more info about life as a tb/dl. so hey.

    sorry for no capital letters

    454 Days later he writes his 1000th post. Shocking how time flies. Apologizin on how many 1000th post topics have been made well in the past hour but now a new day begins. I am thankful of finding this community and now I must focus on the quest for 2000 posts as the race begins.

    Right now I am 53rd on the all-time posts list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon93 View Post
    Heh, I can't even remember my 1000th post.. so congrats :3
    Me neither...

    ... oh wait.

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    Fuuuunny! Congrats TK! You managed to get there a good bit faster than me! It is kinda neat that several of us all hit 1000 about the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlikra View Post
    Me neither...
    ... oh wait.
    Same here, lol.

    868 to go and counting......

    Congrats on 1000 Lil Snap and TK, and whoever else hit it recently. Me? Probably in late '10, maybe early '11, lol.

    Edit: Congrats to diaperedteenager, Foxxehassassin, and silent deadly alchemist too - anyone else? lol
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    Not to get in between that question of your but happy day to your 1000th post. well i think i will do this to my computer before that.

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    That's sad. What is wrong with your computer to provoke both a hammer and a mad smilie?

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