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    Ok, so does anybody else have a problem with intel in this game? Most of it is in pretty reasonable places, but nearly every level has that 1 piece of intel that is just stupid (specifically the snowmobile one. was that necessary IW?)

    So the question itself. Who finds that getting the intel loses its fun when it is hidden unrealistically?

    EDIT: also, what is that green box with an 'x' and arrows? looks like this [x] with arrows sometimes around them (There's a few in the last mission of ACT II right at the beginning if you never noticed them) and it is spray painted on walls. I thought it might have something to do with the intel.
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    Ya the snowmobile was annoying and so was the one were you had to brake through the window to reach. The worst part was that you don't unlock cheats after finding them all! I wanted unlimited ammo!

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    Nah, I don't real give a damn about the intel :p The game was fun, and if I stumbled acros a piece of intel I picked it up, and if I didn't, I wouldn't care. The game is more fun without it.

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    i found most of them relatively easy the only hard one was in the bushes on the snowmobile level.As for the [x] i never saw them but i don't think it has anything to do with the intel.If you need help finding them Achievement hunters on youtube has some really good walk throughs

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