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    im gonna keep this simple
    intrests.guns,diapers(who knew!),fps games(NOT COD,im a battle field person),my friends
    description of myself. kinda antisocial cause i lost veiw of the good in the world gotta chat with me to know my comlex self,i go to high school and consider myself a dl because i like the felling of diapers wet and dry,i dont like to mess them,but i strongly dislike being helpless and babied,i like having a good amount of cotrol over situations im in,that is all you may continue

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    Hey, and welcome to ADISC.

    You might want to work a little bit on your punctuation and grammar there. In the interests of others, I've translated your post:

    Quote Originally Posted by alphalambda View Post
    I'm gonna keep this simple.
    My interests are guns diapers (who knew!), FPS games (NOT CoD, I'm a battle field person), and of course, my friends.

    Description of myself: a bit antisocial because I lost view of the good in the world. You need to chat with me to know my somewhat complex self. I go to high school and consider myself a DL because I like the felling of diapers wet and dry. I don't like to mess them, but I strongly dislike being helpless and babied because I like having a good amount of cotrol over situations I'm in. That is all; you may continue.
    Ahh, yes. I can relate. I'm a bit much of a control freak to really regress at all, but despite that I still consider myself an AB/DL as I prefer the comfort of a diaper and warm blanket sleeper as opposed to sexual arousal from them. I used to get pretty aroused at diapers, but lately I seem to have lost that and traded it for more AB-like interests.

    If there were one hobby I would squeeze into my personality if there was any room left, it would probably be guns. I find the mechanical aspect of them quite fascinating; it's just the idea of my family finding out about such a hobby. It'd probably be a worse reaction than them finding out that I'm into diapers.

    You seem like the fairly set-apart, philosophical type. I have a friend who's actually a high school freshman like that: a bit frustrated with the environment you're in. I feel like that myself a good part of the time. Out of curiosity, and if you don't mind my asking, what causes you to cite a lack of good in the world?

    Either case, I hope you'll find that people here are nice, quite sensible and friendly. Post around, and be sure to check out the wiki and IRC chat. Just try to put some effort into your punctuation and grammar - I know it's a bit much to type, but it makes your posts a lot easier to read, and that is greatly appreciated around here.


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    To regress is to have less stress! There is nothing better than to have someone you trust let you regress back to whatever age you'd like and take care of all your needs!

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    Welcome to ADISC! Can't have enough gun lovers now can we?

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