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    New to site. Have been into diapers and baby things all my life. Love to suck my thumb (or pacifier). Wear diapers 24/7. Have many baby outfits and sleepers. Wear a sleeper to bed every night.

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    Hey BabyGary welcome ADISC , have you any more hobbies or interests.

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    Hey there new Michigonian... Yes... we actually prefer to know about who you are non-diaperwise, though that does unite us... It's kind of like going to church or a math class or any gathering of people united by ethnicity... Yes you are all united by common beliefs or attitudes or interests... But those are not what you chat about, at least not after the initial

    OMG so I herd U lik elliptics

    (or "you are also from America? Been to New York?"... or "so great sermon, Huh?")
    For instance... I am a wordy Raccoon, furry but not so it consumes my life; though I admire those who do have that sort of devotion. I am devoted to ADISC though; it makes a real difference to many peoples' lives. I like music from all genres but am more interested in classic/progressive rock/metal... Long-time science-fiction and fantasy fan, though these days I mostly leave the mainstream stuff alone, preferring sips of single malt to guzzling anything with a spaceship and a monster. And I enjoy ending a post with a song, such as YouTube - Swing Dancing to Bill Haley and the Comets (1956)

    Don't get me wrong, we do talk about all things diaper-related... it's just not our only concern.
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    Welcome to ADISC!

    From the sounds of it you have a collection of clothing. Where do you get yours from?

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