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Thread: Eugenics-good or bad?

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    Default Eugenics-good or bad?

    I'm just wondering if anyone else supports abortion or eugenics, i personally am a strong supporter of both, although i don't agree with the methods used by the Nazi's, i do think abortions and "selective breeding" could be used to get rid of undesirable traits in people and could also be used to keep children from being born into families where they are unwanted.

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    We do it for other species, such as dogs and cats to create new breeds and horses for faster runners. But we hold ourselves as an exception for utilizing our knowledge for selective breeding.

    The morality of this is extremely tricky, and I see pros and cons for both. So I'll abstain for the most part. I just wanted to throw that top part in in hopes of preventing knee-jerk nazi reactions.

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    Default no way

    most certaintly not...condoms planning yes...abstaining yes...birth control yes....

    being pro life and christian makes me biased on this subject but everything happens for a reason and there are so many other options besides abortion that in all honestly it makes no sense to me why roe v.s wade has to this day has not been over turned...too much politics i guess....i feel abortion for many is the easy way out and very few are done to protect the mothers life or in case of incest or rape...

    as far as selective breeding im on the fence with this...i would never advocate messing with gods plan....and i my self would have no problem raising a child with special needs or who was profoundly disabled but its hard for me to say that i would be against it if it were offered because i know there are a lot of parents out there who couldnt handle it....

    never mind....thinking a little more about it selective breeding means you toss out pregnancies that arent up to snuff....every child has a right to a fighting chance...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boogeyman View Post
    Too much risk of genocide. Plus it's inhumane.

    Basically, eugenics means selection that is good in the eye of those who selected. Different people see different things as good. Plus there's a risk of corrupted vision.

    Eugenics was actually a rather popular idea in America in the 1920s and 1930s. Some states had running eugenics programs up until WWII. Thing is, America was particularly racist and anti-minority at the time, and the eugenics program reflected that. This then begs the question - would we look back on any eugenics program 50 years from now and be shocked by the discrimination and inhumanity of our actions?

    Honestly, I don't think there is a ton for society to gain from such a program anyway - even the Machiavelli in me can't justify eugenics.

    This seems like a classic example of "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it." This has been tried before because it sounded reasonable on its face to a lot of smart people, and now we condemn it. I agree that it seems remote reasonable superficially, but it's pretty ugly when you get into the details.

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    I think denying people the right to have children is seriously wrong, this includes:
    * Forced sterilisation.
    * Making having children very unappealing to certain people through unfair methods (e.g. "we'll tax you more money if you have children", "no free health care if you have children")

    I don't see anything wrong with supporting certain people to have children. I read about one country where the government set up a state run dating website for university graduates only, and even gave away free trips! I'd love the state to help me get laid when I get a degree.

    So yeah, promoting breeding between good candidates sounds okay to me, but as long as nobody is being discouraged from breeding. Obviously that's easier said than done; if you're encouraging a majority, you're cheating a minority.
    Also there's problems about what we're aiming for, obviously racism can mess things up.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've always had the idea of using selective breeding as a means of accomplishing eugenics -- not through abortion or by killing people who are already alive. The way this can be accomplished is through a breeding license. People with very high IQ would be licensed to have more children while people with low IQ, drug problems, or extensive criminal history would not be licensed.

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    Default The entire eugenics notion is completely flawed.

    The entire eugenics notion is completely flawed. Even at this point of human evolution and technology. Issues regarding genetic selection/alteration are very risky business, indeed

    Here's some food for thought:

    If we had been in Nazi Germany during the Holocost, we (ADISC members) likely would have been rounded up and taken to the camps as well. The Nazis held the notion of Eugenics (A pseudo-scientific theory world wide popular from 1883) to be the cornerstone of creating the Master Race. Like the other gypsies, homosexuals, sexual deviants and mental defectives that were also killed in the camps (in great numbers) - our status and identification as deviants never would have been tolerated in Hitler's utopian society.


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    I don't support eugenics at all and I find needing a license to be able to have kids is possibly one of the most insane things I can ever see happening. Even people with high IQ's could give birth to kids who suffer from some defect, autism, mental retardation. If you could fix that little speed bump and some how avoid all the rest, then we will be living in the movie "Gattaca" world then.

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    "Mankind is something to be surpassed, how have you surpassed it today?" -Nietzsche

    The Nazis took part in a flawed form of eugenics. In real eugenics, genetic purity does not mean elevation.

    Everyone takes part in eugenics. By not fucking everything that hoves into your field of vision, you are "selecting" your mate. Every generation people are getting taller and more symmetrical. A sexual "turn-on" is really a desirable trait that would be nice for your offspring. Women turn down shy "nice guys" in favor of confident assholes because they subconsciously understand that aggression is a good genetic trait.

    So what's wrong with taking it in the other direction? Why should we leave it to our subconscious to decide the fate of humanity. It is the subconscious that is the racist, irrational, shallow asshole.

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