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    Hey everyone, I haven't been on in a while. Things have been... Busy... VERY busy lol and I met this girl and found out she likes me, and I wanted to try a relationship with her, but first I had to know... Is it weird for a guy (sophomore, 15) to date a girl (8th grade, 13/14)? It's been on my mind FOREVERRRR lol Please can anyone help me out?

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    Heya, LonelyDL. I just thought I'd let you know that it's OK to date a girl who is younger than you, but remember to keep in mind that if you're still with her when you're 16, and she's 14/15, that's illegal, as she cannot give consent to anything sexual, even the slightest kiss...not just sex, until she reaches the age of 16.
    I'm not sure about the grade difference, however. I know a friend who was a freshman and was going out with an 8th grader, it ended up not working out because of the fact that he was in High School, and she was still in Junior High, and they couldn't really see each other.
    But, if you think it's okay, then go for it! If things play out right, everything will turn out good.

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    Thanks ^_^ I appreciate your answering my question and things should be cool, like with seeing each other. She lives like one street down from me. I never knew that it was illegal at 16, I was always told 18 o.O Oh well. Law is law, I suppose.

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    Oh yeah, about my above post, I'm really into waiting and I'm almost positive she is too lol

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    When me and my buddy were in grade seven he was dating a 16-17 year old chick.

    Lucky bastard.

    Quote Originally Posted by lonelyDL View Post
    I never knew that it was illegal at 16, I was always told 18 o.O Oh well. Law is law, I suppose.[COLOR="Silver"]
    positive she is too lol
    Think it depends on the state.

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    Yeah, I imagine state's a big part of it, and you're right, I agree. Lucky bastard ^_^

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    The larger concern is, unless you are a simpleton or she is quite bright, that you'll have little to nothing in common intellectually. Socially, you'll have nothing in common.

    "Dude, fractions are cool!"
    "I know, totally!"

    C'mon... the difference here yawns past those couple of years; it extends into different domains and experiences entirely.

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    I'm pretty sure that the consenting age for Minors is at 16, for other people ages 16 and 17. Once you turn 18, you have to be with (or at least should be with) someone 18 and older. Once you're 16, everyone under is pretty much off limits.
    Then again, as above posters said, it's probably different for different states.

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    Okay, I just looked it up and it says that one who is 16 can date a 13/14 year old with the consent of their parents/guardians until the SO is 18 years old. Sounds good to me lol

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    A 15 year old dating a 13-14 year old? That's fine, it's only a 2 year difference at worst.
    In high school, girls tend to go after older guys anyway, possibly due to them maturing faster. That certainly was the case at my high school, particularly in the earlier years.

    The laws in the states are a bit weird, but I'm probably safe in saying just don't stick anything up there until you're both legal!

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    I'd say it's kosher provided that both of you go to the same school. If she is in middle school it might prove a little difficult.

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