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    I was just wondering if anyone out there has used baby powder and found that it caused skin rash where the diapers and skin meet at the leakage barriers?

    It hurts a lot, and i've not used powder since. I usually use A+D diaper rash cream...

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    i use baby powder all the time and never had a problem, are u staying in the diaper while wet for long periods of time?? or are u allergic to the powder?

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    baby powder has never gave me a rash. change brands or maybe your skin is sensitive to a chemical in it

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    I may be allergic to latex... condoms have been giving me issues too... maybe tmi, but just saying...

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    it might be the rubber in the diaper then

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    i use alot of powder and have never had a problem, try using powder when not in a diaper, like when your wearing undies and see if the same thing happens.

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    I have never used baby powder because I have never felt the need for it.

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    cool hope it works, i love the smell of baby powder.

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    Are you using talc-based powder? If so, that could be a problem. Switch over to cornstarch-based powder. You could be allergic to the talc.

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