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Thread: how often do you throw out your used diapers?

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    Default how often do you throw out your used diapers?

    Do you tie it in a bag or do you throw out 10 diapers at a time? What is your method?

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    I usually have to wait untill everyone is out of the house so I have a few bags under my bed behind a drawer right now. It usually accumulates to about 5 or 6 though. I have to bag each one as soon as its used though or it gets bad...

    Im still working out a fixed time for getting them out as it turns out my mom isn't working any more day shifts.

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    I throw mine out when I wake up in the morning every day.

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    Within a few hours of taking it off. I usually wait until people are asleep, then I put it in a Ziploc bag, and throw it out.

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    As soon as I take it off it goes in a nappy sack and in the wheelie bin.

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    I throw them away in the kitchen right after I take it off. Sometimes I toss it on my bedroom floor and throw it out later.

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    A few years back I got one of those polyester stadium seat cushions from the high school and after double or triple bagging depending on if the diaper may leak, I will place it on top of the seat cushion until the next day/morning.

    If it does leak or leaves the moisture behind for where the diaper rested, the cushion just gets wiped off and its clean again.

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    For the people who need to hide there diapers for a few days you may want to get some gallon size zip loc bags, put you diaper in push all the air you can out and seal the bag.

    I usually have a few on hand, waiting to be tossed, I put them in the zip loc's and then in a plastic store bag, and drop them off, a few at a time, at McDonalds or the car wash.

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    At most a day after using one. I live with my gf, who knows, though, so it's easy for me to ditch them before they get gross.

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    I put my used diaper in a gallon zip lock bag every morning, and I then toss that into a black trash bag under my bed, which I throw out once a week.

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