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Thread: Disposables and plastic pants

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    Question Disposables and plastic pants

    Are disposable diapers "compatible" with plastic pants?

    Like, the plastic (or 'cloth-like', depending on which brand you get) backing is supposed to replace plastic pants, I know, but would plastic pants still be helpful?

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    That all depends on how much you wet. Plastic pants are virtually useless if you wear thicker diapers, but do not enjoying using them. It is "compatible" to use disposables with plastic pants; just not very common.

    Try it. Does it feel good? That is all that matters.

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    I do it all the time, almost. It's an extra layer of leak protection when going out in the world while diapered.

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    I like useing plastic pants and disposeables, I also use rubber pants, the rubber seems to work better at holding back the leaks from the diaper.

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    I don't usually use them, but I have. With some diapers, the trapped moisture seems to raise the chance of tape failure. They are an extra layer of protection, but with a cloth diaper, as you shift about, it gives an opportunity for the cloth to absorb it. No such help for a disposable if you do have a leak. It's just going to shift around and look for an exit, so it's leakage delayed rather than defeated.

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    I agree with trevor. I usually use disposable's with a cloth diaper right over it during the night. I don't really do that anymore because I got crazy rashes with the plastic pants, so needless to say, it was a bit difficult...

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    It would be interesting if I owned a pair of plastic pants, but I would agree that it would only work with thick disposables and cloth diapers.

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    Default Plastic panties with disposable diapers

    I always wear them with disposable diapers. For one thing, they help hold the diaper in place when it becomes wet and saggy. The waist band and leg bands of the panties also contain the minor leaks that seem to occur with any diaper.


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    They do help with disposables. no matter how good a disposable is there is still a chance that it will leak and the plastic pants do help getting some of the leaks.

    But i only wear plastic pants when i'm on really long trips or when i know i wont have a chance to change anytime soon.

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    I always use plastic pants with my disposables. As others have commented, it provides another level of protection from leaks, etc.

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