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Thread: Diaper lover 'secret handshake'

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    Default Diaper lover 'secret handshake'

    ok, I was at Wal-Mart the other day, when I saw this girl trying to buy some diapers. (for arguments sake trust me on this) I could tell she was getting them for herself, because she was acting a lot like I used to when I first started buying. She didn't look much younger than me, and I was compelled to talk to her. I didnt, because I was afraid I would either embarrass her to much to try, or get pepper spray in my face.
    It got me thinking, DL's need some way of revealing ourselves to other DL's discreetly in public. It doesn't have to be much, like wearing a safety pin on your shirt, or like a mannerism such as scratching your nose when they see you, or something like that. What do you all think, and what would be a fast way of getting the word out.

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    There is a symbol or two that currently vie for supremacy in the "community", although I think it's more skewed to ABs. You can find them if you dig around in Google. Still, I can't say I have much interest in anything like that. Diapers alone are not enough of a reason for me to talk to someone, so I'd like to get to know someone a bit beforehand and see if I've got more in common to keep the conversation going. Otherwise it's just " like diapers?" "Um, too?" with a lot of uncomfortable shifting and stammering. Doesn't sound like much fun to me.

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    I think one should just scream "Bran Muffins... Sheryl Crow... Ukraine" at the top of their lungs, like seven or eigth times. That way there's no mixed messages. You see somebody doing that, and you know for sure that they're an AB/DL. It's like them magic words in the movie AI... random enough that they'll never be reapeted together in any other circumstance, but still meaningful on their own.

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    This has been discuessed a few different times on the forums.

    One site sells little Pins that seemed neat, but a bit out going and more for ABs rather than for DLs

    Littles and Baby Pride

    Would be neat to have a way to bring it up without being obvious if the other person has no idea what you are talking about

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    what trevor said >.> theres way to many diffrent types of pepole to just get along with one because you both enjoy diapers

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    A while ago one person was suggesting adding a diaper pin (big babyish plastic-headed safety pin) to the bottom edge of one's shirt. I decided to use regular safety pins instead, and for the past ten years or so some of my shirts and pants just randomly have safety pins on the bottom edges. They've actually been useful a bunch of times... but nobody has ever noticed who understood the meaning.

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    Why do people come up with stupid things like this (no offense)? Secret handshakes, symbols, languages... Even stupid people could eventually figure them out. I've heard something like this way too many times.

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    How about just a key chain? Not to weird to have one like say around a belt loop and pretty common to see, just have a symbol on it.

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    Let's say for instance the safety pin thing became popular in our community. Anyone thinking it was strange that their mate was wearing a pink safety pin on their shirt could google it out of curiousity and find out what it meant. Could lead to some awkward confrontation.

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